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5 Reasons to waterproof your basement this year

December 21, 2018

One of the best ways to keep your house stable and dry all the time is by waterproofing your basement. This is a process whereby water is redirected from the foundation to the other parts of the compound. This way, the foundation will always be dry and safe from flooding. Your home is at a risk of water problems if the rainwater or the water that runs in pipes is not properly planned for. This is to say that all the water should be kept away from the foundation so that it is not weakened through flooding and constant wetness. There are many reasons why one should contact a suitable nj basement waterproofing company to work with to ensure that their foundation is always dry.

Here are 5 reasons why waterproofing your basement this year is a good idea:

Why waterproofing your basement is important

A large empty room

1. Damp basements are health hazards

A damp basement will grow a lot of molds that are a health hazard. These allergens will gradually get into the air and contaminate the air that you breathe. This is a problem that can easily cause you breathing problems and eventually become a bad health condition. To eliminate this threat, all you have to do is waterproof your basement so that it won’t be damp.

2. Basement flooding can damage your items

Even for the basements that are not finished, these are valuable spaces where one can store most of their property that may not fit into the house. As such, you should always keep this space dry. In case this basement was to be flooded, you would lose most of the items stored in it. It is also true that a wet basement is not something insurance companies are keen to compensate. As such, if you want an easy time with your insurance company, ensure the basement is dry so that your claims on home damages may not be jeopardized.

3. Waterproofing your basement increases the value  of the home

When your basement is waterproof, it makes the value of the home to go up. It also makes it easy for you to refurbish or to finish the home. A waterproof basement makes your home strong and increases the security of the home. It will not be prone to flooding and this is something that homebuyers are happy about. As such, a waterproofed basement makes it easy to sell your home at a higher value.

4. Prevents cracks

Moisture that gets trapped in small surfaces that are porous will cause cracking of the foundation when the temperature rises and falls. These cracks are a security threat to the structural integrity of the whole home. As such, all one needs to do is waterproof the basement to maintain the strength of the whole home.

5. It reduces your energy costs

A wet and warm basement drives up the humidity in the home during the summer season. As such, you end up incurring more costs in cooling of the house. It is also true that cracks on the foundation could be letting in cold air during winter and this also increases the cost of warming the home. To mitigate all these unnecessary costs, all you need to do it waterproof the basement.

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