Vital Tips to Know When Buying a Pool Liner

April 4, 2019

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Here is some interesting information about the history of swimming pool you probably didn’t know. The scientists consider that the first swimming pool was made several millennia ago in Pakistan. The ancient Romans and Greeks used it for military exercises, but it was in the 19th century when they became popular as a great option to relax.

Pools have gone a long way, and today we have all sorts of equipment and accessories available to enhance our experience. The crucial piece of equipment is a pool liner as it promotes the safety and longevity of your pool. Here are some vital tips to know when planning to purchase this type of equipment.

What to consider when purchasing a pool liner

Pick the Right Fit

Your primary concern when buying a pool liner should be that it is the right fit for your pool. It is the essential thing to ensure so that the liner can meet the expectations and deliver the expected results. 

What you want to do is to consider the size and type of your pool. It will be the indicator of the desired liner’s size, and it will tell you how to choose the right fit. Make sure to consider the height of the pool wall, too. 

Is Thickness Important?

Allow us to let you in on a little secret – when you are buying a liner, thickness doesn’t matter a lot. It is true that a thick liner might last longer than a thin option, but when it comes to the performance itself, the vital thing is to pick a liner that will fit your pool. As long as you do that and choose high-quality material, even a thin liner will do the job.

Choose a Great Tile Pattern

Apart from functionality, you also want to consider how your liner will look. That is where picking an amazing tile pattern is of vital importance. 

Nobody else can make this selection for you as it is your preference that should guide you to the final decision. You can choose a simple tile and avoid over-complicating things. However, if you like the idea of your pool standing out, selecting a fantastic liner pattern is the way to do that.

A cup of water

The Question of Water Colour

You are correct, the water color is clear by default, but a liner can help to convert it into any color you want. If you are dreaming about the sapphire-blue pool, go with a strong blue pattern. On the other hand, bright colors add elegance to your pool and seem inviting. If you have ever visited the Caribbean, you might be dreaming about the turquoise water, and some liners have the sandy colors that will replicate that watercolor and bring it to your backyard. 

Do You Plan to Add Ladder or Stairs?

Some pool owners want to add stairs or ladder to make entering the pool more manageable. In those situations, you want to ensure that the design of the stairs complements the liner. It is more a question of aesthetics than anything else, but you do want your pool to look beautiful, right? 

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