Like the majority of the UK, we had a visit from the Beast from the East. Whilst I had initially thought we would just get a sprinkling, as usual, instead we were treated to a thick blanket of snow.… View Post

Star Wars, Read Aloud Day and Beast from …

Star Wars, Read Aloud Day and Beast from the East #LittleLoves

Oh, what a week! I have to confess to being a little sceptical when I saw the weather reports over the weekend suggesting that we were about to enter a deep freeze.  The Beast from the East certainly made their presence known.  With the world around us looking more like a scene from a movie rather than the end of February in the UK.  Instead of our usual scattering of snow, we received a thick blanket that is still covering most of the area.  With just the roads and some walkways starting to turn to slush.  It’s still very cold, but oh so beautiful!… View Post

CAKE, Get A Job and Jakemans #LittleLoves

CAKE, Get A Job and Jakemans #LittleLoves

From Wednesday onwards I have spent most of the days attempting to recall what day of the week it actually is.  Thinking it was a day later than it was, which when I remembered that it wasn’t was a good thing as I had more time to achieve a few more things on my to-do list.  At the moment I’m splitting my time between producing content and playing catch up those blog admin tasks that I never seem to get round to.  I’m thinking it might be more productive to dedicate one day a week to just that so that I can make headway on the mountain of things that need doing.  All tedious tasks but once completed will hopefully make things run more smoothly.… View Post

Day Nursery // Tapestry Notifications

Day Nursery // Tapestry Notifications

As I collected Piglet from the nursery last week her keyworker told me that she owed me an apology. Many different scenarios rushed through my head. Thinking it was probably me who needed to apologise for something that Piglet had done. She confessed that she hadn’t managed to put much of Piglet’s progress photos and activities on Tapestry.

Tapestry is an online framework which the nursery uses to record the children’s early years foundation stage. Noting down activities, milestones and photos from their nursery journey.… View Post

The Hobbit, Relax, and a blanket of snow #…

The Hobbit, Relax, and a blanket of snow #LittleLoves

Once upon a time, I was a bit of a risk taker. Jumping into situations with both feet and thinking about everything afterwards. Nowadays I am a creature of comfort and very indecisive. Recently I’ve been pushing my boundaries and this week has really put me out of comfort zone. There are many positives to take from it but I naturally still question whether I should have put myself out there.… View Post

Amazon Fire for Kids, Green Day, and Harry …

Amazon Fire for Kids, Green Day, and Harry Potter Book Night #LittleLoves

Poor Piglet didn’t have a great start to the week succumbing to one of the winter bugs. It’s so hard to see any of the children poorly especially when vomiting is involved (I just can’t deal with vomit). Thankfully with lots of mummy cuddles and the assistance of Frozen she is back to her usual self.… View Post

Geek Girl, The Coronation and Back to the 90’…

Geek Girl, The Coronation and Back to the 90’s #LittleLoves

As I went to bed last Sunday my body was aching from top to toe.  Thinking that I’d just over done things that week I went to sleep.  Waking on Monday morning to find that I’d managed to pick up one of the many bugs doing the rounds at the moment.  I felt truly awful, the worst I have felt in a long time.  It forced me for most of the week to take things at a slower pace, which really helped not only in terms of recovery but my general wellbeing.  … View Post

Forever A Parent – No matter how old you …

Forever A Parent – No matter how old you grow

I was asked recently what was the one thing I wanted my children to know about myself.  If you asked Mr. Boo this he would most certainly answer that I cannot make a decision.  Which for the most is true, however, it is the small, silly decisions that I cannot make.  Such as what we should have for tea tonight, should we go to X today or Y?  Decisions that when I see them written done or replayed to me when they are all teasing me are silly.  Decisions that hold no weight, no real consequence, yet are the hardest ones for me to make. … View Post

Renewed Energies, Mansfield Park, and Daddy’s Scarf #…

Renewed Energies, Mansfield Park, and Daddy’s Scarf #LittleLoves

I attacked this week armed with a to-do list and a calendar of school events, shopping trips and car repairs that needed to be completed.  Finally, I feel as though I’m back to work mode.  Making an effort to utilise my renewed energies and enthusiasm to clear the backlog of tasks.

This week has not been plain sailing though.  It has tested me in ways I’d rather wish it hadn’t.  And I’ve already muttered the words ‘it is February yet?’ on more than one occasion.  Alas, these things are sent to try us and try me they have.… View Post

18 Goals For 2018

18 Goals For 2018

As the New Year approached I began to see a number of my fellow bloggers sharing their 18 goals for 2018.  A wonderful idea that instead of focusing all their attention and efforts on one key change in their lives.  They were opting to look at the small changes, the manageable things that they are looking to make.  Setting New Year’s resolutions is one of those things that most of think we better do as we welcome the New Year.  However, they are often forgotten by the time February arrives (if not sooner).… View Post

Ear Infections, too much homework and Adele #LittleLoves

Ear Infections, too much homework and Adele #LittleLoves

One of the things on most people’s New Year wishlists is good health.  After a festive season blighted by illness it was something that we were certainly wishing for.  As it turns out we are not out of the woods quite yet.  Piglet has a chesty cough, wheezy and an ear infection.  Cue lots of cuddles, not really knowing what to do with herself and restless nights.  Over the past few days Tigger’s eyes have been swollen in the mornings which is usually an indication that he too is coming down with something.  I think I’ll paint a red cross by the front door and put us all into quarantine. … View Post

Christmas, Elf Pyjamas and a Festive Birthday #LittleLoves

Christmas, Elf Pyjamas and a Festive Birthday #LittleLoves

Just like that we have reached the final #LittleLoves of the year.  I’m actually quite annoyed with myself that I wasn’t able to complete a whole year.  With my post falling by the wayside this month between the chaos of Christmas, school activities and family life.  Chasing my tail for at least the last month, I don’t know if I’m coming or going.  The New Year needs to see changes in lifestyle made, I cannot continue in the manner I have been.  A balance needs to be found, goals to be set and a different way of thinking.… View Post