Monthly Goals May

Monthly Goals | May 2021

April 29, 2021

There is a large part of my personality that prefers busy, hectic days. The days where I’m not clock watching hoping that the clock hands would move a little quicker. Rather hoping that they would slow down a little to allow me to complete more things each day. Whilst life in lockdown is easing and we’ll soon be able to add things missing in our lives I’m panicking, wondering how on earth I am going to be able to add more to my already bulging schedule.

How did I get on with last months goals?

Returning to the NHS

After weeks (and months) in the making, I finally started my new NHS role. Feeling very bizarre to be back at the headquarters for induction and see familiar faces after a five-year absence. It was interesting to see how things had changed and possibly improved – but it’s still early days so it could all be hot air from the big wigs.

My role itself has been a little bit of a learning curve as it is an area I haven’t worked in before. They had planned an in-depth training regime for me which was good, but also frustrating as I’m a hands-on learner rather than sitting back and observing.

It’s early days, but I do think that I’m getting there, the nuts and bolts of systems and processes are coming back to me so it’s just the key info that I need to communicate to patients that I’m wrapping my brain around.

Home organisation

This has been an absolute fail. There is no way to sugar coat it, my house looks like a pigsty and there is certainly no plan of action as to how and when home tasks will be tackled. If juggling my NHS role, supermarket shifts, my blog and family life wasn’t bad enough our washing machine broke!

Leaving us without a working washing machine for almost three weeks – numerous trips to the launderette have been squeezed in between shifts (and I don’t want to think about how much I have spent). I just about managed to keep on top of the essential washing. I’ve just got to tackle backlog now that we finally have a working machine installed.

A cracking Easter

No family adventures for us this Easter half term which felt very strange and somewhat disappointing for the children. A juggle between our working patterns has meant that we spent very little time as a complete family unit over the two week holidays. We did manage to have a lovely Easter, treating the children to an Amazing Mystery Box (Friends, Star Wars and My Little Pony) each as their main Easter treats. As well as a mini egg hunt around the house and garden.

Monthly goals - Goal planning

My plans and goals for May

Supermarket Sweep

At the beginning of the year, I was pleased and thankful to discover that my festive contract was extended at the supermarket. Fast forward to the here and now and I’m currently settling into my three-day-a-week NHS role alongside supermarket shifts and everything else that family life throws into the mix.

I feel that I need to make a decision this coming month about whether or not I continue to juggle the supermarket shifts until my temporary contract ends at the end of June. Or if I need to walk away sooner in order to take a load off my plate.

Blog Admin

Given my juggle between my NHS role, Supermarket shifts and my blog I am dropping the ball on everyday blog admin tasks. Whilst I have managed to write and publish posts and articles I have neglected to send confirmation emails, schedule social media etc. I need to set time aside to see what needs to be done and whether I look into hiring a Virtual Assistant in order to complete the tasks that I am too time-poor to complete.

Could this be a good way to get things back on an even keel so that I can move forward without feeling as though I am sinking? Could it be something to utilise going forward to ease my workload and allow me to focus on the tasks that I enjoy more?

Back Into The Real World

The roadmap out of lockdown opens up restaurants for indoor patrons in May (subject to case numbers, R-value and all that jazz – not attempting to downplay things, but we are all well aware of how things go during the pandemic). This means that after months of hiding out at home, text messages, video chats etc. it is time to head back into the real world.

Fingers crossed for a long overdue catch up with my best friend after not seeing her since before Christmas. Just need to get my COVID Vaccination and I might be able to see my mam, who I haven’t seen since Valentine’s Day last year.

Do you have any monthly goals or plans for May?

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