I wasn’t enough… and I’m still not

March 31, 2019 10 Comments

Last year I attended the funeral of a close friends dad. Whilst I was chatting to her and checking in to see how she was and her mum was coping etc. She mentioned that she had been staying with her mum since his death and was there to ensure that she wasn’t alone. It suddenly struck me like an epiphany that I wasn’t enough for my mum.

Unlocking my camera feed with the NIXPLAY Iris WiFi Smart Digital Photo Frame [AD-GIFTED]

March 13, 2019 123 Comments

As a mum and as a blogger I take 100s of photos. It’s something I like doing and a way to help document our family life. However, once I’ve taken these photos, looked through them and plucked out a couple that I choose to share on social media. The rest of them are simply moved to a file within my Google Drive. Where they might get a quick search through when I am looking for a particular photo or a snapshot from a place that we visited.

Birthday blues pity party – By Invitation Only

March 12, 2019 15 Comments

Throughout the year I like to think that I make a real effort for other peoples birthdays. Having them listed on my calendar so I can see in advance which one is next. Ensuring I have enough time to think about what gift they would like. Working out their interests, their likes/dislikes, thinking whether they have hinted at anything recently.

The month that was… February

February 28, 2019 No Comments

Oh February, where did you go? Apart from the fun of half term holidays, I’m not entirely sure I can recall the rest of the days. Valentine’s Day was a quiet affair as always but lovely to spend time with Mr Boo – despite not being able to actually go out out.

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