This September Piglet will be making the move to the next stage within her nursery setting. Heading up to the older toddler room in preparation for preschool.  Realistically she should have made the move a… View Post

Lunch On A Pirate Ship, The Hunger Games …

Lunch On A Pirate Ship, The Hunger Games and tonsillitis #LittleLoves

It’s been a while since I shared a #LittleLoves post.  After it was changed from a weekly to a monthly link up I kind of lost my way.  Life is so hectic that I can barely recall what happened last week never mind what happened at the beginning of the month.  So what I’m trying to say is that I missed sharing a little snapshot of our lives each week.  And I’m hoping to start adding a #LittleLoves post up each week once again.… View Post

Siblings {July 2018}

Siblings {July 2018}

It’s mid-July already and the summer is fast approaching.  By this point in the year, I have usually arranged all our summer plans.  This year, however, it’s a relaxed affair – that is code for I haven’t had the time to even think about it yet.… View Post

A Postcard From… A Tubby Playdate

A Postcard From… A Tubby Playdate

With the weather being rather glorious recently, I decided that a Tubby Playdate picnic would be a great idea for Piglet and her little friends.  With the older ones at school during the day, it’s the perfect time to enjoy some activities with the younger ones.  … View Post

From The Bookshelf, The Royal Wedding and Peppa …

From The Bookshelf, The Royal Wedding and Peppa Pig World #LittleLoves

This is the first month of the #LittleLoves linky being hosted monthly.  If I’m honest, I have missed not sharing a weekly update.  It’s been strange to sit here this morning and ponder about what the month of May has held for us.  With brain struggling to think back seven days, you can only imagine how hard it has had to work recalling a month’s worth of activities.… View Post

A Postcard From… The Royal Wedding {Dress To …

A Postcard From… The Royal Wedding {Dress To Impress}

Unless you have been living under a rock you will know that the Royal Wedding took place yesterday. To celebrate this the children’s school held a ‘dress to impress’ non-school uniform on Friday. Encouraging the children (and teachers too) to dress up for a picnic party to celebrate and congratulate Harry and Meghan’s wedding.

This was quite a special occasion as the school don’t normally get involved with National celebrations. So the children were very excited – Roo more so as she finally fits into a dress we bought two years ago! and looked every inch the princess. Opting to raise money for one of Harry and Meghan’s chosen charities, Scotty’s Little Soldiers helping bereaved British Forces children.… View Post

Book Fair, Chatterbox and LEGOLAND Windsor #LittleLoves

Book Fair, Chatterbox and LEGOLAND Windsor #LittleLoves

With a mixture of sun, wind and rain that is another week almost over.  It’s been a here, there and everywhere kind of week.  With numerous appointments, meetings and surprises that I’m quite looking forward to a quiet weekend at home. Although having completed next to no housework all week I need to have a bit of a blitz.… View Post