Book Series, Snow and Boots #LittleLoves

February 26, 2021

I’ve been working so much this month that the days have blurred into each other. In some ways it feels like our week of snow was ages ago but in others, it happened just yesterday. It was lovely to enjoy some fun in the snow with the children, forgetting about all the worries and strains. Simply enjoying the moment and watching the snowflakes fall.

Life In Lockdown | The world turned white {Week 48}

February 14, 2021

The week the world around us turned white and we were able to live in our own version of a snow globe. Whilst we have been fortunate to have a few snow days in recent years, this is possibly the longest the snow has hung around for. Although the soft, powdery snow has turned to either slush or ice – but it still looks like a beautiful wintery scene.

Life In Lockdown | Chasing My Tail {Week 47}

February 7, 2021

Do you ever have weeks where you are constantly chasing your tail and not managing to accomplish anything? This has been my week, a battle of spinning plates in an attempt to keep on top of things or catch up on things that I haven’t achieved. Although as I sit down to share with you another life in lockdown diary, there are still so many things left for me to complete.

What I’m Kindle Reading // January 2021

February 5, 2021

As the New Year bells chimed, I have to confess to feeling really quite proud of myself for exceeding my reading goal last year. With a new target of 250 books set on Goodreads for this coming yeat. Something which I am off to a flying start with, especially given that we are back in a national lockdown. Enabling me to indulge in reading more frequently, opting to read rather than watch TV or mindlessly scroll on social media.

The Month That Was… January 2021

February 1, 2021

With the first month of a new year, we had a sense of hope that this year would allow us to embrace more of life than we were able to last year. Within days of ringing into the New Year hopes were dashed with another national lockdown imposed and schools closing their doors once again. We were lucky in some ways in that as we are a keyworker family the children are still able to attend school ging them a slice of normality.

Life In Lockdown | Lockdown Milestones {Week 46}

January 31, 2021

The end of the first month of 2021 and I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking that we wouldn’t (or hoping) be still living life in lockdown. The ‘new normal’ that we discovered last year is here to stay and I’m starting to forget what life was like when we were able to go out freely and hug loved ones.

Life In Lockdown | A Quiet Week {Week 45}

January 24, 2021

It feels as though we have had a relatively quiet week. With life in lockdown ticking by without too much happening to put us off-kilter. The children have adjusted to being keyworker children and learning from home (for Roo). Whilst What The Dad Said and I continue to juggle our work shifts around each other and the children.

Life In Lockdown | Snow Day {Week 44}

January 17, 2021

Halfway through the first month of the year and life in lockdown continues. With no end date for the national lockdown insight, this will continue to be our new normal for some time yet. In many ways, it is a life we have grown used to since this all took hold last year. It feels normal to ensure we have masks with us at all times and that additional hand washing is added to the routine.

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