Jackass, Birkenstocks and Friendship #LittleLoves

May 28, 2021

Time to wave a fond farewell to Spring and hopefully the worst of the wet weather to allow us to have a nice summer (not too hot or I’ll be obviously complaining about that). Although the weather has been surprisingly wet for May it has allowed us to tick a few things off our ever-growing to-do list at home (with many more things then added on to compensate).

This month’s #LittleLoves…

Each month I share my #littleloves, a chance to reflect on the things that I have read, watched, heard and made. As well as highlighting what I’ve worn and any other highlights in my life. It’s not about the big things, it’s about all those small little loves that make up everyday life.



Feeling exhausted and somewhat overwhelmed by my working pattern this month has left me craving time to escape into my Kindle Paperwhite. Continuing my love of dark mafia romance books. Something about the different mafia families that makes me want to read more and more. Alpha males taking control of the situation and protecting the ones they love.


Looking to blow off some stress from the working week, What The Dad Said and I have been watching the Jackass movies on an evening. They are all completely insane but I can’t help laugh at their antics – as well as gagging at times too.

We’ve also signed up for a year’s free access to Discovery+ via Sky. Enabling me to catch up on my beloved US reality shows such as Counting On. I’ve been waiting for the episodes to appear on TLC but nothing as yet so now I can dip in and out as much or little as I want.

I almost forgot to mention Eurovision, how could I forget about Eurovision? Managing to watch both the film (play Jaja Ding Dong!), as well as, the live show that I’ve grown to love and hate over the years. Unsurprisingly, the UK failed to gain any point this year – not sure why we bother being one of the big five financial supporters. Maybe if we had to gain entry via the semi-finals etc we might have more of a chance?? Who knows. As always Graham Norton was fantastic, lots of laugh, lots of WTF’s and OMG’s.


With the Coronavirus restrictions easing under the roadmap out of lockdown. I’ve finally been able to reconnect with my best friend in real life. A long-awaited catch up that could have easily gone on longer than the few hours we managed. Making me determined to ensure we make time to see each other more regularly. Oh, how I have missed her!


Having discovered Birkenstock sandals a few years ago I had hoped to treat myself to a new pair last year. With life in lockdown happening it felt quite frivolous to buy a pair to wear in the garden. This month I spotted a navy pair on sale for half price and I couldn’t resist purchasing them. A little congratulations to me on my new job – or at least that is how I am justifying it. Both times I’ve worn them this month it has subsequently rained, I’m hoping that this is not an omen against them.


What The Dad Said had an idea to move a few things around, which like most things grew into a much larger project than we had planned. We are still finishing off some things but the changes to the various rooms do look good. Each of the children gaining new-to-them tech in their rooms – we tend to cycle things around the house. They are happy with the new setups and I’ve gained a better place to work from home – both in my day job and my blog work.


After working for a supermarket for five months, something which started as a three-week festive contract. I handed my notice in and waved a fond farewell to my cardboard cages, step stools and the fantastic team I worked with. Unable to juggle my new NHS role, blog and family life with shifts at the supermarket. I’m grateful for my time working there and for them taking a chance on a mum who had been working from home for the past five years.

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