Monthly Goals June

Monthly Goals | June 2021

May 31, 2021

Looking forward to the sixth month of the year, I am reminded just how quickly the days, weeks, and months pass me by. As life in lockdown eases and life begins to pick up speed I’m conscious that I need to set monthly goals to help me maintain focus and on track. Hoping that I’ll be able to tick off some much-needed tasks from my to-do list.

How did I get on with last months goals?

Supermarket Sweep

At the beginning of the month, I thought that I might be able to continue the juggle between jobs. Although I was utterly shattered and exhausted from working six days a week and a minimum of 45 hours between my days in the NHS and my supermarket shifts. Ultimately, the family sacrifice I was making made me realise that I couldn’t continue like this until the end of June. Missing out on time with What The Dad Said and my children.

Finally handing in my resignation at the supermarket and waving a fond farewell to the cardboard cages, rumbles and the grocery team who had welcomed me into their fold over the past five months.

Blog Admin

A decision I put off time and time again throughout the month was whether or not to hire a Virtual Assistant. Part of me thinking that hiring one would signify a failure on my behalf. Not being able to keep up to date with the every day blog admin side of things. However, I have finally made the decision that this could be a good thing and have booked a Virtual Assistant for a few hours each week to tackle a range of blog admin tasks. Fingers crossed my emails start to look more organised and I have all the relevant links. info sent over to the relevant parties in a timing fashion – rather than me attempting to fight fires.

Back Into The Real World

Yay! Dinner with my best friend happened!

Despite the months between our last face-to face catch up it felt as though we had only seen each other last week. Although we had lots to catch up on and chatted for hours, no amount of time together is enough. There are always things I think on the way home ‘oh I didn’t tell her about XYZ’ etc. A great excuse for another catch up and something we really need to get booked on the calendar more often.

This month also allowed me to gain my first COVID vaccination, finally falling into the relevant age category meant that I am one step closer to being able to see my mam who is in the clinically at risk group.

monthly goals

My plans and goals for June

Cupboard organisation

After an impromptu reshuffle of furniture around the house, there are several areas that require greater organisation. Our bedroom is one of the key areas that need some additional organisation. Having relocated my desk into the office downstairs (previously the family games room) allowing me to work from home for my day job easily around the children. As we well as making it feel more accessible for completing blog tasks etc. With this out of the bedroom, we have added some IKEA BESTA units that housed some of What The Dad Said’s LEGO collection.

These are going to be utilised for life admin/stationery, blog admin, gifting etc. Currently, everything has been thrown into the shelves rather than organised into areas etc. I’m hoping to spend an afternoon (or possibly longer_ ensuring that everything is in its place.

Paint the bedroom

Sticking with our bedroom I’m determined to finally get it painted. Having bought the paint at the beginning of the first national lockdown it has been sitting there for over a year. So I REALLY must get my butt into gear and paint the two walls that need doing. With all the reshuffling, it feels like the perfect time to get it over and done with so that I can ad the curtains, lamps, and accessories sitting staring at me from the corner of the room.

Create a work/life/blog balance

Given that I’m planning goals for June and that I’ve been juggling employment alongside my blog and family life since December you’d think that I wouldn’t need a goal about setting a work/life balance. Yet, here I am! Currently, not managing to juggle everything in the way I would like to. This coming month, however, will be the first month when I am working my three-day day job for the NHS alongside everything else instead of squeezing in supermarket shifts around that too. Hoping that this will give me the opportunity to create a better structure for my work/life/blog balance.

Have you made any monthly goals for June?

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