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Camping ideas for kids at home

May 30, 2020

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Are your kids in love with camping but you can’t afford to have them leave the house on a journey right now? Do you want to create the perfect camping situation even in your home? You have come to the right place.

Children love camping, they just want to explore, in fact, they are natural explorers. Giving them the opportunity to do this just around the house is going to make them totally ecstatic. Don’t worry about the camping, I’ve got you covered with this article. I will introduce to you a couple of camping ideas for kids at home that you would love to try out.

The benefits of camping at home

Before we get right into the list of amazing ideas, here are some benefits of having your camp at home:

Camping ideas for kids at home
A tent in a field of green grass
  • Costs less: When you think about the expenses of travelling, you would, with no doubt, realise that it doesn’t really cost as much when you have the camp at home.
  • Less trouble: Because the camping is just around your garden, you can easily plan for it, get the required materials, arrange everything straight from, and in your house – without having to carry around a large tent for camping.
  • Better security: You know your home better than you could possibly know any other place in the world, you know how safe and secure it is. There’s little to no worry about kids wandering off and not knowing where they are.
  • Easiness to incorporate changes to the plan: Yeah, so maybe you forgot about the fireplace when you were planning your camp, you can easily add it to the list and get supplies for it. It is just totally amazing.

Camping at home also gives your family a taste of both worlds. You can enjoy the goodness of camping and also enjoy the warmth of home.

Camping Ideas

Below are some awesome ideas to incorporate into your next camping ideas especially if you’re doing it at home.

Camping ideas for kids at home
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Build your tent(s)

The first thing that you think about when you hear about camping is usually the tent. Don’t think you can do without it if not your kids won’t really get the feeling. 

Pitch a family tent that will accommodate your family, note that you don’t have to rush getting the tent up. Calm down and build it together, and before you know it will start to look as beautiful as you and your kids envision it to be. If you don’t already have a tent, you should go and get one ahead of the day of camping else, you would not be able to achieve so much before it is night.

Have a scavenger hunt

The best thing about camping at home like I earlier mentioned is that you don’t have to nurse fears of having one of your kids missing. With this comfort in your heart, you can explore more options like a scavenger hunt. This is, in fact, a great idea for learning about animals and insects.

You can create a list of some insects that you know your kids can find around and ask them to go catch them alive. Some insects that kids would definitely be thrilled to hunt for include fireflies, dragonflies, and so on.

Play a game

Kids love to play, you can incorporate some board games, card games, soccer, table tennis, basketball, volleyball, or even badminton. These are a few of the game ideas that you can do easily in your garden.

Camping ideas for kids at home
A piece of cake on a table

Build with Lego

Lego has been there over the years for kids, they love it, they talk about it, and they always want to have a chance to build with it. There are various Lego sets that your kids can play with, if you already have some, you don’t need to worry, just get them out and start building. On the other hand, if you don’t have any Lego set, you could rent a box of bricks just for the camp or buy some for future use too.

Start a campfire

Your campfire could come a little late in the evening where you all could have a sit out, read storybooks, play games and do some other fun things. Campfires and tents are what bring out the true feeling of camping. Ensure that your fire is completely put out before everyone goes into the tent for a good night’s sleep.

You can have your campfire very small and you can have it big too. To make a neat campfire, you just have to arrange some bricks into a circle, which helps to contain the fire and prevent it from spreading. 

String lights

String lights have the same effects on kids as do fireflies. Hanging some string lights just around the fireplace would surely create a beautiful and magical evening just before or even after your campfire.

Fun with water

Switch on the garden sprinkler or get the water pistols out for some fun with water. A great way to have some fun together as a family as well as cool off in the summer sunshine.

Watch a movie

Technology has made this option really simple for you as you won’t need to bring your gigantic television set outside. With your tablet, your phone, or your laptop, you can all gather around on camping chairs as a family and watch an interesting movie.

Remember, since the camp is for the kids, you might want to go really big on cartoons—that, of course, is if your kids love cartoons—you can also introduce some movies that teach moral values.

Set up a barbecue stand

Who doesn’t love roasted chicken? Well unless they’re vegans or vegetarians—which is actually great too since you can use some mushrooms—but if your family eats meat, barbeques with grilled chicken and fish would definitely rock.

If you cannot afford the extra space for a barbeque stand, you could have it just around your fireplace. It would totally rock. 


You can have all the kids lay down on their backs and view the stars and how they all are amazing and different too.

Stargazing gives you a chance to teach your kids about what stars are, how they are formed, and how far away from the earth they are. If you are lucky you could even see a shooting star and make a wish.

Camping ideas for kids at home
A tent in a field

There you have it, some amazing camping ideas for kids at home that you can try when next you think about camping. I hope this helps you and your kids enjoy it.

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