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Heading to a festival or camping this summer?

July 14, 2015

The nation seems to have a love it or hate it relationship when it comes to camping. Whilst some people embrace it whole heartily, others will only go if they have at least some of the essentials, and the rise of glamping has made more people consider sleeping in a field than ever before. So this summer whether your headed to a festival, camping with the family or just setting up a tent in the back garden take a look at some of the great camping solutions from Wilko.


A tent is the obvious thing you need when you go camping and depending on how many people you are looking to share with will depend on the size of tent you need to buy. With a selection of 2-man and 4-man tents to choose from including simple pop up versions to the traditional dome.

With a roof over your head its time to think about getting some sleep, but how much of a camper are you? Whilst you’ll certainly need a sleeping bag to keep you warm do you opt to sleep on a foam mat? an air mattress or maybe even a camp bed?


Making sure you and your camp mates are well fed might seem a daunting prospect when you are in the middle of a field without your trusty kitchen appliances however there are a couple of kitchen camping accessories that will help make that job easier for you. Take the portable camping grill great for having your own barbecue, rustling up some baked beans or for just putting the kettle on for a well deserved cuppa – much easier than trying to cook across an open fire assuming you are allowed to have a fire where you are staying. A set of camping pans and a fold up table will aid your preparation and cooking too.


One of the big draws to camping and festivals is the idea of getting back to nature however sitting on a wet and muddy ground doesn’t appeal to everyone so packing some folding camping chairs will make sitting watching the sun go down much more comfortable. Once the sun has gone down you’ll need a little light in your life and whilst torches are great they can be a royal pain in the bum to hold them where you need to see plus do what you need to do so why not grab an LED head torch to free up your hands and still have light in your life.

Camping of course like anything in life comes with the possibly of slips, trips, bumps and bruises so always best to keep a first aid kit on standby just in case!

Do you enjoy camping?

What would your top festival/camping essentials be?


Disclosure: I have not been commissioned to write this post just sharing the camping love

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