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Uh Oh… You’re Missing Out On Summer Fun

June 3, 2019

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Some of you will say that summer is here, and some of you will think that we’re from it. Now we know that the weather is hugely to blame for this. One minute it’s so nice and warm, and we’re quickly digging out our summer dresses to enjoy the sun, and the next minute it’s back to being cold and rainy, and we can’t put that warm jumper on quick enough.

But in terms of seasons, summer is officially here, and although the weather might be a bit up and down at the minute, it’s no secret that we are feeling more warmth than we’re used to, and we’re about to have a whole summer full of fun. But that’s only going to happen if you think about things that are there for you to do. You can’t just have a summer of fun by sitting in your garden all day doing nothing. You have to be able to create some real fun, for both you and your family. Because it’s also no good just doing something that your kids like all of the time.

Although it’s great to see the happiness that it brings, you still want to be able to have a bit of adult fun, so you can truly make the most of the weather that’s coming our way. So if you haven’t already started thinking about the things that you want to do this summer, then this article is going to push you in the right direction, showing you some of the best things that you could be doing!

Fun things you could be doing this summer…

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A Little Camping Trip

Camping is one of the most fun-filled things you can do, but some of you will instantly turn your noses up at the idea. You’re either a camper, or you’re just not, but we know that you can’t knock it if you haven’t tried it. Camping has actually become really popular as of late, simply because the weather seems to be improving around the world, and it’s so much cheaper to do a camping holiday than it would be to go abroad. Now all you need to get yourself started is a good location.

For those of you who are a bit anti-camping, you really need to find yourself a place that has a really good shower and washroom block. As long as you have somewhere to freshen up, that doesn’t look like a football team has just walked through it, there’s no reason why you won’t fall in love with camping. You can get really comfy inflatable airbeds, and Vango camping chairs to sit outside and do some sunbathing on. So once you get the comfort side of things locked down, you can think about the area that you’re going to go to. There are plenty of beach and nature locations that will put you in a prime location for exploring, and making it a holiday full of adventure.

So do a little research, and perhaps just try something different this summer. It’s definitely better than going abroad and spending thousands each time!

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Getting Your Kids Into Sports

Summer or not, this is something that you should be encouraging. Far too many children are growing up surrounded by the technological era, keeping them inside and pretty inactive. Is this the parent’s fault? Well, there’s only so much you can do to force your kids out the house, but if you’re doing to get them to do something they could have a passion for, every single time thereafter is going to be so much easier. We don’t need to go into detail about the health benefits this carries, as we think it’s pretty self-explanatory. What we do need to go into detail about, is how you can actually get your kids motivated about doing something different, especially if they’re joining something that they have no clue about, with nobody they know in the class.

Well, the first thing you can do is partner up with a parent from their school, or if you have a family friend with kids who are of a similar age. Then, you just need to get them there, as a pair, and watch how their confidence increases. Not only is this a great social event for your kids, but it also becomes the same for you. But don’t think that you have to try and force your kids into sports. You could take them to some arts and crafts centres, gaming clubs, or anything that gets them out of the house and doing something different. School shouldn’t be the only source of socialisation, but you also shouldn’t be pressuring them into sports if they’re not a sporty person.

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Summer Lovin Somewhere Else

So we know we said how much you’d be able to save if you were to go on a camping holiday, but we can’t escape the fact that so many of you just want to go on a holiday abroad, and that there’s no better time to start looking for one. Because we’re creeping up to the time where people really do want to get away, you’re going to be faced with two possibilities.

The first is that the prices are going to be so high, that you’d be breaking the bank completely if you were to do it. Or, you might find that there’s so much money that could be saved, and there’s just no better time to book it. So the only way you’re going to find the option that works for you, the cheaper option, is to look through multiple different sites. Don’t just go through the big tour operators that we all know and love, have a look at how much it would be to book through a site such as Expedia. You can generally find a far better deal by doing something like this. You also need to make sure that you’re booking right at the end of the school holidays. You will notice the price dips just a little, mainly because people are focused on going home and getting ready for the start of the new school term!

Booking everything separately is also a really good shout, you will often save so much on the price, simply because you aren’t being charged the extra that you would for having someone put the holiday together for you!

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A Bit Of Adult Fun

Don’t worry, we don’t mean anything suspect by this. But what we do think, is that you should be doing something that’s just you and your partner, or perhaps you and your best friends. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in what it’s like to have a family, and all of the sudden we’re neglecting what matters the most, and that’s time to do what we actually want to do.

So no matter who you’re choosing, your partner or your friends, go out and have some cocktails during the day. Only good things can come of going cocktail drinking in the day. It’s so much easier to keep everything under control, you’ll often find two for one deals, and the vibe is just so much better. All you have to do is spend a couple of hours here, which we’re sure you can find someone to do babysitting duties through, and go and have some fun. When you get back, your mind will feel refreshed and full of fun, even if it is the cocktails talking. Just doing this once a month or so is so important!

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Making Your Home Ready

A lot of the time you’re not going to have the money to keep hopping here, there, and everywhere, spending those hard-earned pennies. So sometimes it’s going to be better to just relax in the garden, and have some fun with those who mean the most to you.

So think about the ways that you can switch up your garden a little bit, just to make it a little more sociable. It might be that you need to bring in some outdoor furniture so that people aren’t just sitting on deck chairs whenever they come round. It’s such a chilled out vibe to have a big outdoor corner sofa, with a little table in the middle full of snacks and drinks!

For the kids, you could think about getting a little inflatable pool filled with inflatable toys for them to splash around in. When the real hot weather does come, you don’t want them to be stuck inside, simply because playing outside is too hot, or too boring!

Making Each Day More Productive

Having productive days is so important. When you think about it, so much time is passing us by, without us actually doing much with our days. So do something fun that the whole family can get involved in, such as biking. It’s so nice to go for an evening cycle after work, especially when it’s something that all of you can get involved in. You’ll be so lucky if you live near some sort of nature track, it just makes the whole ordeal so much easier!

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