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Why You Should Go Camping as a Family (and How to Pull It Off)

July 16, 2019

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Going camping as a family has many advantages and is a great way to get closer than ever before. If you are considering a camping trip with your family, here is why you definitely should and how you can pull it off so that everyone leaves with a smile on their face. 

Spending Time as a Family Unit

There is nothing better than getting the children away from their television screens and out into the world. Camping is one of the best holidays for family bonding, as almost any activity you do involves socializing with each other and working together. There are plenty of fun games and activities you can plan with your children whilst camping to ensure that they do not get bored; this is the time that you will treasure forever as they grow. Getting the children out into an exciting and new environment means that you can teach them about nature and allow them to explore and learn with you. There may not be a lot of moments where the whole family sleep together, wake up together and spend the whole day together, so camping is a lovely way to bond. 

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Getting Away from Technology

Technology is slowly taking over our lives, and whilst this may not necessarily be a bad thing in small doses, we could all do with some time away now and again. Many children are spending more time on their games consoles than ever before and are missing out on all the greatness of playing outside with their friends. Showing them how great this can be may get them back outside and into the sun again, rather than sat on the couch staring at a screen. A break away from technology can do the whole family some good. 

Teaching Your Children to Respect Their Environment

Camping can bring your children closer to the environment and help them to see why we need to take care of it. Waking up in the morning and watching the birds fly across the sky and finding fish in the lakes will help to inspire them and aid in their understanding of nature and learning to respect it. As you must clean up the campsite before you leave, you can explain the importance of doing this and how littering could affect the forests and animals and harm them. This could lead them to be more conscientious in the future at home. We need to teach our children the importance of looking after our environment to make sure that the earth is still here for thousands of years to come. 

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Ensuring That Everything Goes to Plan 

Camping with children can be difficult, and so it is important to have all the basics packed – plus extras. A good waterproof tent that is family-sized is a good place to start, and sleeping bags are important for keeping everyone warm through the night. When looking for a sleeping bag, choose one by temperature rating. Pack plenty of food and drinks as well as lots of clean clothes, as you know how children can be, especially in the great outdoors. Don’t forget chairs and a camping stove so you can make cups of coffee in the morning whilst the children run around and play. 

Camping is an experience like no other, and it enables you to get away from the stresses of everyday life and technology and get back into the great outdoors. This is great for family bonding and for teaching your children more about nature and the world they live in.

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