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What to spend your Wicked Uncle gift card on

May 1, 2023

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When it comes to buying and receiving birthday gifts, it can be difficult to know what to buy or what to add to your birthday wish list. This is when a Wicked Uncle gift card can make the process much easier no matter which side of the gift process you find yourself on. 

This article will cover all the information your need to highlight why a gift card for the Wicked Uncle site can make the perfect present – after all, it is the home of brilliant children gifts and toys. Thinking of it as a helping hand whether you are looking for a birthday present with someone in particular in mind or awesome gifts to keep to one side so that you are organised for the 101 children’s birthday parties that children seem to attend across the year.

Why choose Wicked Uncle?

The key difference with the Wicked Uncle site is that the toys are selected by real children, Wicked Uncle challenge the children to test out the different presents, gifts and toys included on the site to ensure that they are great items, a huge hit no matter the age categories that people are searching for gifts and that the range of toys and unusual gifts offer something for everyone. 

Alongside this, they offer a host of different extras, which when you read through them you’ll wonder how you ever managed without them!

photo of a person s hands cutting wrapping paper - What to spend your Wicked Uncle gift card on
  • Gift Wrap Option – Gift wrapping can be a marmite task, you either love it or hate it. Regardless of this when you purchase a gift online and you’re looking to send it directly to the recipient a gift-wrapping option is always a welcome sight. Not content with just placing the gift in a random gift bag, Wicked Uncle has a collection of different wrapping papers available for you to choose from and they will wrap the gift for you. Plus you can add a handwritten card alongside.
  • Handwritten Birthday Cards – Taking the gift wrapping experience to the next level, you are able to choose from a collection of different greeting cards and Wicked Uncle will handwrite it with your personal message. Helping to highlight the level of service you receive from the site as well as letting the child you are sending the gift to that you went the extra mile to make their day special – no matter the miles between you.
  • A Range of Delivery Options – Let’s face it, we have all left gift buying to the last minute whether you are looking to buy for your own children, a party that one of your children is attending or an extended family member. Thankfully, Wicked Uncle understands that as much as we like to be organised, life can sometimes get in the way and we are left scrambling a day or two before the big event. Alongside standard delivery, they also offer Royal Mail Tracked 24 for delivery within 1 to 2 days and DPD Delivery which will arrive the next working day as long as you order before 3pm.
  • Customer Service – Should you ever find a reason to contact Wicked Uncle you’ll be amazed by their customer services team. They know the range of categories included on the site inside out and can help you find the ideal gift.
  • Reminders – Did you know that you can even set a birthday reminder on the site so there is no excuse to forget a birthday? This will help you out next year to hopefully be a little more organised and not have to worry about needing delivery the very next day!

Gifting a Wicked Uncle gift card

Whilst some people believe that gifting a gift voucher code as a present is a cop-out birthday present, it can actually provide the children receiving it with a great experience of searching through the site for fun gifts and unusual presents that they want to spend the Wicked Uncle gift card on. Enabling them to explore all of the tried and tested toys, games and gadgets a purchase directly themselves – meaning they’ll be able to buy exactly what they want! Plus a little learning along the way as they use maths, critical thinking and decision making.

Purchasing a Wicked Uncle gift card is so easy, with £20, £40 and £50 denominations available for you to choose from. Whilst gift cards are not able to be gift wrapped you are still able to add a greetings card to add that personal touch to the gift. 

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Receiving a Wicked Uncle gift card

Congratulations you have received a Wicked Uncle gift card for a recent milestone in your life! You have the wonderful task ahead of you to decide on what great things you are buying using the voucher. This is when the hard work starts as there are over 700 items on the site for you to choose from and somehow you will have to narrow down your list to make it fit your available budget. 

Need a little help sorting through the items that you want? Try these top tips…

  • First thing, try out the age group filters on the homepage to find things based on your age group – which will help you access age-appropriate toys, puzzles and unique gifts.
  • How about sorting them in order of popularity to see what others have bought from the site? 
  • Worried about how much money you have to spend? then sort the items by price so that you can get an idea of the great prices available for robot kits, puzzle cards etc that you are looking to purchase.
  • Check out the Wicked Uncle blog, filled with articles on what to buy teenage girls, 10 year olds or by a particular theme like unicorns or dinosaurs etc. 

Overall, it should be a fun experience, one to let you discover new things and even if you don’t purchase them this time around you’ll know what you want to add to your list to find under the tree on Christmas Day etc.

What to spend your Wicked Uncle gift card on

​Armed with a Wicked Uncle gift card it can be a little overwhelming searching through the great ideas, gifts, puzzles and toys available on the site. So I thought I would share with you a few brilliant toy ideas that you might want to consider when looking to spend your Wicked Uncle gift card.

white and pink unicorn plush toy on bed - What to spend your Wicked Uncle gift card on

Magical Unicorn Toys

To kids of all ages, unicorns are a favourite magical creature and the Wicked Uncle website has some of the best unicorn children’s gifts and toys for any believer. These great gift ideas will have any unicorn loving 

“Always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn.
Then always be a unicorn.”

  • Unicorn Friendship Charm Bracelets Kit –  A beautiful unicorn-themed kit contains beads and silver-plated charms with a selection of pretty cords. Using a simple knotting technique, design these stylish, adjustable charm bracelets to keep or share. This is the perfect gift that can be utilised on a sleepover with school friends or something that you create on your own and then hand out to your BFFs!
  • Windy Bums Unicorn – There is something about bodily sounds that just makes us all giggle, who would think that burps and farts could do that to children of all ages (adults too!). Simply give it a little bump and it will start to fart, laugh and shake! Pop it on the ground and it will wiggle across the floor, giggling infectiously as it goes. 
  • Fairy & Unicorn Torch & Projector – Want to see where fairies and unicorns live? Of course, you do, who wouldn’t! Perfect for little hands this dual torch and projector allows you to view the 24 colour images on your walls and ceilings including fairies, unicorns and their magical homes.
  • Unicorn Stack Balancing Game – If you are looking for the ultimate unicorn balance game then look no further as this game will have you perfecting your balancing skills. It can be played on your own to get that essential training in before playing with friends or siblings to see who can stack the most unicorns.
brown and orange dinosaur plastic toy - What to spend your Wicked Uncle gift card on

Roarsome Dinosaur Toys

Almost every child goes through a dinosaur phase over the years, Wicked Uncle is a great place to indulge in this phase whilst gifting them dinosaur toys, puzzles and gifts that have an educational element to them too – but shh! Let’s not mention that to the children!

  • Sockasaurus Six Odd Socks! – Roarsome socks are a must, a fantastic way to express a slice of your personality and even more so with this odd socks collection. No only can you mix and match the socks so you have a whole host of combinations that they can be worn in – but they will annoy your Mum and Dad as they come to pair them up after doing the washing as they attempt to work out which sock goes which.
  • T-Rex Dinosaur Shaped Giant Puzzle Jigsaw – Completing jigsaw puzzles can be fun, even more so when they are shaped like a giant T-Rex! This puzzle comes in a sturdy storage box and includes a sheet of fun T-Rex facts – did you know that the T-Rex was as tall as a palm tree and as long as a bus? A truly special and unusual gift for any dinosaur fan – T-Rexcellent!
  • Rex The Dinobot – Are you looking for a sidekick? If so, why not take a look at  Rex the Dinobot, simply follow the illustrated instructions, and assemble the 150 sturdy pieces to put Rex together. Then use the remote to make him walk, roar, fart and more – or program a unique sequence of actions for him to perform. Rex even has a Guardian Mode to help keep intruders out of your room!
  • Dinosaur Temporary Tattoos – The gift that keeps on giving through the year as you work your way through the 50 different temporary tattoos. Simple to apply and they last a few days so you can let your friends marvel at which one you are spotting that day. Plus, you can explore the back of the book to discover awesome facts about each specimen – did you know that the Quetzalcoatlus had an incredible wingspan of around 36 feet? Fascinating!
mother and kids reading a book - What to spend your Wicked Uncle gift card on

Bookish Gifts for Bookworms

One of the great ways a child can extend their world is through reading. Whilst some children will find this a chore that has to be completed, there will be others who embrace books like long-lost friends and can’t wait to catch up with them. Feeding a child’s thirst for all things books is always going to be a good thing and this can be done via physical books as well as bookish gifts.

“The more that you read, the more things you will know.
The more you learn, the more places you’ll go.”
— Dr. Seuss

  • Roald Dahl’s Beastly Brutes & Heroic Human Beans – Roald Dahl’s stories have been enjoyed by children of different ages for many years. This hardback book gives you the chance to explore Roald Dahl’s iconic stories in a whole new way! Meet the main characters from classics like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Matilda and The BFG, then let them guide you around their worlds and introduce you to their friends. Each page has pop-out die-cut sections – open doors and peep through holes or press out and keep your favourite characters.
  • Book Safe – Are you tired of nosy siblings, or school friends taking a peek at your secrets or looking to hide how much pocket money you have been saving from your parents? Then adding a book safe to your bookcase might be the perfect gift for you to purchase. A metal safe concealed within a book with real paper pages anyone snooping will just think that it is just another book on your shelves, but little do they know.
  • Book Tails – There are two types of book readers, the ones who are monsters and fold the corner of a page down when marking their place in a book. Then there are the true bookworms who understand how special books are and utilise a bookmark. Whilst this is obviously the best method for pausing where you are in a book, adding a bookmark doesn’t have to be boring. Children of all ages will love the range of Book Tails available, these cute soft plush bookmarks with long fluffy tails will keep your place in a book, whilst looking totally adorable.
  • Smart Book Light – Taking a love of books to the next level is the smart book light, which when closed, looks just like a notebook, but when opened it transforms into a stunning bedside fun light. Each of the pages emits a warm and comforting glow, and the hidden magnets in the linen fabric cover mean it can be opened to 180° or 360°. A rechargeable and portable book light means that you can have it ready to light up whenever you need to read the next chapter in your favourite book. Charges last for up to 8 hours so could be used as a night light too with Mum or Dad heading into your room to close the book after you are fast asleep.
colorful balloons with confetti

Good luck, hopefully, you’ll have so much fun searching via age range, theme etc and of course, find the perfect gift that you want to order using your Wicked Uncle gift card.

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