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The Best Gift a Mother Can Get for Her 1-Year-Old Baby Girl

May 6, 2020

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Your little girl is all over the place at the age of one, and to keep her busy, toys will be your saving grace. You may be spoilt for choice when you go shopping since there are so many varieties. Here goes a guide to give you ideas on what is ideal for your child at her age.

Purpose Of The Toy 

You will find many toys in gift shops, but they all serve a particular purpose. Toys are generally for play, but they also serve other roles. Some help babies grow strong physically, gain balance, learn, sleep, among others.

When you know what you want, you can get toys for 1 year old baby girl with ease. At this phase, they are learning how to walk. You can get a push car to help with the process. Educational toys for counting numbers or learning words are excellent gifts to make them learn. 

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Not every toy is safe for your one-year-old angel, and that is why you should be careful. For instance, any gift that has tiny, detachable parts is not ideal, as the child may swallow them or put them in their mouth out of curiousity. Choking is dangerous, and that is why the items you get should have bigger parts to avoid inconveniences and costly accidents. 

Some contain paints that, if it peels, your baby may ingest and cause tummy problems. When buying the toys, look for their age groups, as most manufacturers do indicate. You can then go for toys appropriate for your baby girl’s age group. 

Promote Physical Exercise

You may want to get visual toys like video games, but at this stage, the kid is more physically active. To encourage her, you can get physical toys. Playing using things that the child can push, run after, or ride is excellent at her stage. 

Toys that make a kid glued on one spot will not be ideal for exercising her muscles. Toys that will let her run up and about will help promote physical energy. The toys do not have to be expensive since you can even get a kite.



The first year of your child’s life is when the brain absorbs most crucial skills. Toys that trigger the mind of your child to think are ideal for creativity. You can get gifts that help with problem-solving, recognition, and imagination skills.

Blocks can help your girl learn how to construct structures. They can help her identify shapes and colors. The idea is to get a toy that helps achieve a particular skill at your child’s most critical stage.

Involve Multiple Senses

Toys that only light up may limit the amount of education your child gets. The visual aspect of their growth is the only one that they help. Therefore, to help improve all senses, a toy that is all rounded is the best. 

A toy that can light up or has different textures and can produce noise makes the child learn to use more than one sense. Such toys can help calm the baby as it intrigues them. They also help in offering stimulation in different ways.

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