Cool Gift Ideas Your Little Boy Will Thank You For

August 13, 2019

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Buying presents for your kids used to be pretty simple. You get your daughter the latest babydoll and your son a race car or action figure, and they’d be thrilled. Today, however, that’s all changed. There are so many neat things for kids that it can be hard to decide which one to choose. Not to mention, the interests of children have changed so drastically (and change so frequently) from when you were growing up. 

If you’ve got a little prince whose birthday is coming up soon, you’re probably on the brink of pulling your hair out. You want to get him something that he’ll truly love and not just put on a shelf or at the bottom of his toy box. To cut down on the confusion and find the perfect gift start by figuring out your son’s interests then purchase a gift in that category according to his age. Below are a few ideas to consider:

Little Scientists

Does your son love science? Is he fascinated by the way the world works? Maybe he often talks about planets and galaxies? If you have a future scientist on your hand, help pique his curiosity by purchasing a science kit. These are boxes complete with science experiments for your son to try. They provide complete instructions and come with all the supplies he’ll need to unlock mysteries of life. Whether he wants to build a volcano, learn the basics of botany, or mix concoctions with a chemistry set there’s a science kit with his name on it. This is a cool gift he can play with alone, with family, or with his friends. 

Water Guppies

Is your son more of a water guppie? Does he like staying in the bathtub until his fingers and toes look like tiny raisins? Are day trips to the beach and swimming in the pool his favourite things to do? If so, your little merman will cheer with excitement to receive a beginner surfboard and perhaps a few lessons. Nothing is cooler than being able to ride the waves like a pro and your son will grin from ear to ear as he learns how to shred waves on your next family beach trip. 


Maybe your son is more of a tech guy. Is he intrigued by the inner workings of a computer? Interested in learning to code to create his own app? If your son is a lover of technology, there is no shortage of gadgets out there you could buy that will blow his mind. He can build his own bot, computer, or drone, learn how to code, make your own superhero armour, and so much more

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Despite the takeover of technology everywhere, there are still children who appreciate a good book. If your son is the more reserved type who prefers to sit quietly and get read then the best gift you can give him are books. Just be sure that you’re fully aware of the types of books he’s most interested in. Another option would be to get him a subscription to a magazine. This is a gift he’d continue to receive month after month with new content to read. A final option for your little bookworm would be to buy him a new tablet and download audio or digital books for him to read and/or listen to.

Sports Lovers

If your little guy is a sports lover or athlete he’d appreciate receiving something sports-related from mom and dad. For fanatics, you can purchase posters of their favourite athletes, an authentic hat or jersey from their favourite team, or even buy them tickets to an upcoming game. For sons that actually play sports, you can buy them new sneakers,  cleats, jerseys, hats, sports balls, bats, gloves, or whatever else they might need to enhance their performance. 

Times really have changed and so have children. There was a time when all there was to play with were sticks and rocks or some old wooden toy. These days, however, kids need something more exciting and stimulating to keep them entertained. In order to get a gift that your son will love this year (and to double up on the mom cool points) consider one of the categories and/or options listed above.

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