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#Blogtober17 // All About You (or me)

October 1, 2017

If there is one question that strikes fear into me on a form or in an interview it is ‘tell us about yourself‘. In that split second my mind goes blank and suddenly for someone who talks a lot I have nothing to say. I sit there staring at the question attempting to figure out what I can say that is interesting about myself. The immediate thoughts of ‘I’m a wife and mother of three‘ seem to cover it in my eyes but surely they are looking for a better more in-depth answer than that.

With the help of today’s #Blogtober17 prompt ‘All About You‘, this is me…

#Blogtober17 // All About You (or me)

A close up of a toy stuffed animal

Originally from Cumbria, I am a northerner living in Norfolk with my husband and three children. I find it funny that I still refer to myself as a northerner, considering I have lived in Norfolk longer than I did Cumbria. Alas, that is where I was born and all of my family is from, so to me it is still a place I call home – Although I can’t ever see myself making the move to relocate back there.

I moved to Norfolk as a teenager with my parents and completed the last years of my high school here (not that I really attended all that much – I was a rebel at school). With hopes of joining the Royal Logistics Corps, I started to study engineering at college until I opted to transfer over to the Public Services course. It was whilst I was at college that I met my husband through mutual friends.


My family opted to make the move back to Cumbria whilst I was studying at college, and as I was already settled with Mr. Boo, I stayed behind and have been here ever since. Deciding that the Army life was not compatible with leaving Mr. Boo behind I went on to start work at the local hospital. Firstly in the catering department before making the jump over to Finance.

After getting married and the hopes of starting a family I changed roles and went to run a community nursing clinic closer to home. Which would hopefully offer me more flexibility in the future once we had children. The role wasn’t as I imagined it would be and I’m not convinced that management really knew what I should be doing so I was pleased to fall pregnant and go on maternity leave. After having Roo and returning to work, my role was downgraded so I opted to take a secondment to a local Community Hospital. Where I worked until I was sadly made redundant last year.

Nowadays I am a stay at home/work at home mum to three children. There are elements to this which work out really well for us as we don’t have the consistent worry about childcare etc. However, I do miss going out to work and making a difference. As Piglet starts school in a few years there is time for me to think about the next steps career-wise. For now, this works and I am grateful that I am able to earn money from my blog and freelance contracts.


I’m married to Mr. Boo, who I met when we were just 17 years old and recently celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary. We’ve spent half our lives together, it’s hard to remember a time when he wasn’t part of my life (I’m a hopeless romantic – forgive me).

With three children I am often told that I have my hands full, however, with good friends who have more than three children I think I have it easy. Whilst they have their moments I am lucky in that my children understand that Mummy has expectations of them and there are consequences to actions. I am a mean mummy, I am a strict mummy, I am raising my children to be adults someday, I’m not here to be their best friend just yet.


This blog has to be my biggest hobby, it’s probably the one thing that I have stuck with through thick and thin. It’s an outlet for me to voice my opinions, moan, rant, celebrate and showcase our lives. I’m not really an oversharer so I do hold back on some of the things that I would like to write about but fear for the backlash (spineless I know).

As a hopeless romantic I adore the old period dramas like Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility etc. However, I prefer the TV adaption rather than the films that have been made. I’d be lost without Netflix, social media and a good selection of stationery. I’m a huge polka dot fan and if I’m not wearing something featuring those, then I’m in my trademark Joules Harbour stripe tops.

That’s All Folks

I think that is pretty much all there is to say about me… Oh, I love chocolate and cake. I hate coconut or anything spicy. I’m teetotal and I don’t smoke. I’m unbelievably cranky if I don’t get enough sleep and if I’m ill just leave me to it, if I need you, I’ll ask for something.

I think that covers it all.

Joining in with #Blogtober17 from Hexmum Plus One

  • Arabella Greatorex October 1, 2017 at 2:13 pm

    Yum to chocolate cake – with you on that one!

  • Kate October 1, 2017 at 3:01 pm

    I really enjoyed reading about your life! You have an easy to read writing style; going to have a nosey round the rest of your blog now! Looking forward to following your #blogtober17 posts 🙂 xxx

  • Fee - One of Each October 1, 2017 at 3:55 pm

    Lovely to meet you. Looking forward to reading more through #blogtober17 🙂 I also love period dramas and you have reminded me I haven’t watched on in ages!!

  • Kim Carberry October 1, 2017 at 4:20 pm

    I have followed your blog for ages but it is lovely to find out more about you! x

  • Jaymee ( October 1, 2017 at 5:18 pm

    I love stationery too! although running low on notebook supplies! I am a strict mummy too and that’s okay! They will thank me for it…One day.

  • Bec October 1, 2017 at 8:24 pm

    I think we’d get on well … I’m a fellow stay at home mum who loves period dramas, is teetotal/non-smoking and loves chocolate and cake!! I’m also trying to figure out what to do when I’m done being a SAHM … it’s hard to not know what the future holds but I’m glad I have this time to think about what I really want. #Blogtober17

  • Janet Yarwood October 2, 2017 at 2:13 pm

    Lovely to learn more about you. I’m a big stationery fan too

  • Mandi October 6, 2017 at 11:34 am

    So glad you are joining in #Blogtober17, you have three wonderful children and they are an absolute credit to you xx

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