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High School, Organisation and #BlogOnXmas #LittleLoves

September 30, 2017

I’m sure that someone has sneaked a few extra days into this week. Which in some ways is a good thing as it feels like I have been here, there and everywhere this week. On the other hand, I just haven’t been feeling 100% so I’ve wished for bedtime to come around quicker more than once. The big milestone this week has been going to look at a local high school for Roo. Not quite sure I’m ready for her to move up to high school next year but I know that she is ready for the next challenge.

Time for this week’s #Little Loves…


After feeling woefully disorganised recently, I have been setting myself targets in different areas. This is in the vain hope that I will restore some sort of organisation back into my life. This week has been about sorting through my emails. Reading, replying, actioning and deleting. I’m still not finished but already I have managed to get rid of quite a few that were no longer relevant as well as organising those that still required an action.

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A throwback photo, as I’ve terribly disorganised to take anything suitable this week.


In the hope to regain some work/life balance, I have been making sure to set aside time to watch films/TV/Netflix. With my American reality shows taking prevalence this week. Catching up on Counting On, Out Daughtered and Baby Changes Everything.


After a hectic day at #BlogOnXmas on Sunday, I drove the first hour or so home in silence. Enjoying the peace and quiet and a catch to chill out after the hustle and bustle of the day. When I finally decided to pop my iPod on, I opted for some Clubland Classics to keep me going for the long journey home.


I attended a KS1 workshop in Tigger’s class on Wednesday. It’s always lovely to see the children at school and how they are progressing. This one was particularly fun as they were busy colouring to build up their hand muscles for writing – I do love a spot of colouring.


A Christmas jumper for #BlogOnXmas, I had purchased a new one for the event but when it arrived last week I really wasn’t keen on it. So grabbed an old faithful red reindeer one from the wardrobe – boy was it hot wearing that, I really should have popped a spare t-shirt in my bag (that’s a whole other story, involving eating in the dark whilst driving).

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I attended the #BlogOnXmas conference at the weekend. I’ve returned completely shattered and drained – I’ve had next to no energy all week. I’ve got a mix of emotions going on after attending the sessions. Part of me is inspired to do more, progress further. Whilst the other part of me feels inadequate and not really sure what direction I should be going and focusing on.

It was lovely to catch up with the friends from inside my computer though. The day passed far too quickly and I don’t feel as though I got to really chat to very many people.

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