#Blogtober17 // YouTube

October 31, 2017 No Comments

One of the things that I wanted to work on this year was my YouTube channel.  It has been up and running more or less since I started blogging, however, it has been somewhat neglected.  For a long while, it has showcased our memories from visiting Butlins and our trips to Drayton Manor.

#Blogtober17 // Education

October 5, 2017 No Comments

I can still remember receiving a telephone call from the keep in touch team a few weeks after Roo was born.  A call to congratulate me on the birth of my firstborn.  A call to offer me advice on the next steps following my maternity leave.  A call advising me to start thinking about childcare options now in order for things to be in place by the time my maternity leave was over.  With a list of childcare providers popped in the post for me to take a look at.

#Blogtober17 // Car

October 3, 2017 No Comments

Throughout my teenage years, I had grand plans to pass my driving test as soon as possible after my seventeenth birthday.  With plans to join the Army Royal Logistics Corp, driving would be an integral part of my role.  Unfortunately, I was unable to afford driving lessons whilst I was studying at college and had to delay my dream of getting behind the wheel.

#Blogtober17 // Babies

October 2, 2017 No Comments

How did you decide how many babies you would have? When Mr. Boo and I had the baby talk we agreed on five children. I joked that we would have our very own five-a-side football team. Mr. Boo would be the coach, whilst I clearly would be in washing, cheerleading and transportation duties. When I pictured our future family, I pictured a house full of boys. The noise, the chaos and the smell of socks to go with them. 

#Blogtober17 // All About You (or me)

October 1, 2017 No Comments

If there is one question that strikes fear into me on a form or in an interview it is ‘tell us about yourself’.  In that split second my mind goes blank and suddenly for someone who talks a lot I have nothing to say.  I sit there staring at the question attempting to figure out what I can say that is interesting about myself.  The immediate thoughts of ‘I’m a wife and mother of three’ seem to cover it in my eyes but surely they are looking for a better more in-depth answer than that.

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