18 Goals For 2018

January 13, 2018

As the New Year approached I began to see a number of my fellow bloggers sharing their 18 goals for 2018. A wonderful idea that instead of focusing all their attention and efforts on one key change in their lives. They were opting to look at the small changes, the manageable things that they are looking to make. Setting New Year’s resolutions is one of those things that most of think we better do as we welcome the New Year. However, they are often forgotten by the time February arrives (if not sooner).

This year whilst I am looking to focus on family time as a whole. Getting back to basics and regrouping with loved ones. I have been thinking about the goals that I personally want to achieve this year. Mandi from Hexmum Plus One kindly tagged me within her 18 Goals For 2018 post. This has spurred me on to write down my goals and make myself accountable for achieving as many of them as possible by the end of the year.

18 Goals For 2018

Goal and Plan

Visit the hairdressers

As a busy mum, I’m lucky if I manage to juggle childcare etc to enable me to get to the hairdressers once a year. This needs to change, not only for the sake of condition of my hair by the time I eventually go for a haircut. But also for me, I need to focus a little on myself and whilst I don’t go to a fancy salon to have my haircut I do enjoy the pampering of someone else washing my hair.

Read 12 books

At one time my library card was always in the top slot of my purse, ready to register a new book to be read. Over my teenage years, I read so much, you’d often find my head in a point romance novel. Pouring over the girl meets boy stories that have shaped my love of romance. Nowadays the children’s books are the closest I get to reading which is such a shame. I’d love to set myself the target of reading at least one book each month.

Have date nights

Before we had children, Mr. Boo and I loved to head into the city grab a bite to eat and enjoy a film at the cinema. I can’t recall the last time we did that. Living away from family and friends it’s difficult to arrange a babysitter, especially around everyone’s schedules. But we need to have some date nights together.

Kick the caffeine

Whilst I’m not someone who enjoys a cup of tea or a strong coffee. I do have a vice… namely, Pepsi Max Cherry. Oh how I love the stuff, however, after suffering headaches from drinking it regularly I need to go cold turkey and kick the caffeine. 

Photography course

A few years ago I was lucky enough to receive enough money and vouchers for my birthday to purchase my first DSLR. Over the years I have picked up little segments of information to allow me to use it comfortably. However, I don’t use it to its full potential so would love to attend a photography course.

Get my bake off

As a child I spent hours baking with either my Mam or my Granny, however, I rarely get around to doing it with the children. Roo, especially, is always asking if we can bake and I always have an excuse as to why we can’t. I need to drop the other things and just pull out the mixer and bake some treats.

Clutter clearout

As much as I try not to hoard things, I always seem to find piles of clothes that the children have outgrown and toys they no longer play with. I need to go through each room in the house and have a big sort out of everything. I’m hoping to do a few car boot sales to make some extra money as well as taking things to the charity shop.

Move my butt

I seem to have a bad case of bone-idleness at the moment. Opting to only venture outdoors id I truly have to for the school run or if we have plans. I need to move my butt not only as the fresh air will help clear my head on hectic days but will help my bum from getting any bigger than it already is.

Eat better

Going hand in hand with moving my bum more is eating better. Late last year I was lucky enough to do a food and drink intolerance test. This highlighted the things that do not agree with me and are best avoided. On the whole, I have been quite good and doing this, although over Christmas I had a bit of blip and now need to refocus on the foods that I am stuffing in my face.


Be In The Picture

Whereas I am quite happy to tell anyone that I take the pictures, I’m not in them – please tell me to get in the photo. I look through the photo albums and I’m missing from all but maybe one of the photos. Whether it is photos of just me, me and the children, me and Mr. Boo or us all together as I family… I NEED these photos. These photos are my memories and the memories of my children and possible grandchildren once I have gone (morbid to think of this but still very true). 

Enjoy an Afternoon Tea

Over the years I have purchased afternoon tea experiences for friends and family, yet haven’t had the privilege of enjoying one myself. Luckily my best friend bought me an afternoon tea voucher for Patisserie Valerie for my birthday so I just need to arrange a day when I have no children vying for my cake.

Sunday is family day

For a long time, we have always made the most of our weekends together as a family. Sunday is usually the only weekend day that Mr. Boo is off work so able to join us on our adventures. A mixture of bad weather, illness and a busy family life we have neglected our weekends. Opting to use it as a time to get chores etc completed. I don’t want this, I want us to come together and head off adventures. They don’t have to be anything grand, just as long as they are all of us together as a family.

Just the two of us

Whilst I love going on family days out with the children. I do think it is important that we get some one-on-one time together. Letting them select what we get up to and enjoy a few hours just the two of us.

Eyebrow threading

Although the idea of sitting in the middle of a shopping centre or department store having my eyebrows threaded makes me feel all embarrassed. It is something that I would like to have done. I might need to find a local salon that completes this though.

Update my make up bag

Thinking of my eyebrows I can’t recall the last time I updated the items within my make up bag. I don’t tend to wear much make up, usually a slash of eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara. I never really learned how to do all the contouring that you see on YouTube videos etc. I haven’t got the time or the inclination to learn it now but a few new make up bits would be good.

Netflix and chill

I’m ashamed to say that the children utilise our Netflix subscription better than I do. I’ve fallen out of the habit of seeing what new has been added and enjoying a binge-watching session. For a time I would have it playing in the background whilst I worked, but again this has fallen by the wayside. So I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things and hopefully share some of the things I have been enjoying.

A weekend in Bath

A few of my friends in my computer and I keep talking about booking a weekend in Bath so we can head out on photography walks, enjoy afternoon tea and generally have a catch up together. I don’t want this to be one of those pipe dreams that gets mentioned every now and again but never happens. I want it to happen, I want it to happen in 2018!


Although I’m not one for burning the midnight oil, I do need to have an early night every now and again to recharge my batteries. Instead of feeling guilty (or old) for having an early night, I need to embrace it and realise that it is the best thing to do once in a while.

So that’s my 18 goals for 2018, who knew that thinking of 18 things to focus on could be so difficult. I’m hopeful that I can accomplish these things and will do an update towards the end of the year.

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