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October 5, 2017

I can still remember receiving a telephone call from the keep in touch team a few weeks after Roo was born. A call to congratulate me on the birth of my firstborn. A call to offer me advice on the next steps following my maternity leave. A call advising me to start thinking about childcare options now in order for things to be in place by the time my maternity leave was over. With a list of childcare providers popped in the post for me to take a look at.

Childcare options

With the help of the list, I managed to find a local day nursery with availability for Roo to start when she was 5 months old as my maternity leave finished and I headed back to my Clinic Administrator role. We opted for a day nursery over a childminder as we wanted the structured environment for her plus they were able to offer the hours we required to fit in with my hours at work. 

A little boy posing for a picture

Since then she has made the move from day nursery to pre-school, pre-school to infant school, infant school to junior school. All before relocating and her moving to another junior school. And now we are preparing for her to make the move to high school next September.

Time for high school

I look at my almost 11-year-old and wonder how we have reached this milestone. How is it possible that I am now looking to decide which high school she will attend? With two schools within our catchment, there is a decision to be made as to which will be the first choice.

With one of the schools being more conveniently located for transport links, as well easier for us as a family to drop her off, collect and attend extra sessions. We took the opportunity to visit this high school last week and I have to confess to being impressed with the facilities. Having previously had a bad reputation, over the last few years it has really turned around and a lot of investment has been made to the infrastructure and facilities offered. The school offers great links with her current junior school too, which means that Roo has already visited the high school on several occasions for performance arts and sports activities.

Whilst we haven’t visited the other high school to compare, I think that this one is the one for Roo. It has the different non-core subjects available that she is interested in. It is somewhere that she feels comfortable attending and is looking forward to starting with her friends come the new school year.

Application sent off, all we can do now is wait to see if she was accepted.

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  • Kim Carberry October 5, 2017 at 9:31 pm

    Eek! Going from Primary to high school is such a big step. My girl will be moving up next year too!
    Good luck with the application. x

  • Debbie Binnersley October 6, 2017 at 9:17 pm

    I remember the whole move to high school with my eldest and it wasn’t a fun time at all as the local authority decided to merge two of the schools.
    Good luck with your application and I hope Roo enjoys her final year at junior school

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