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Getting your bedroom ready for Christmas

November 27, 2022

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Getting our homes ready for Christmas is often one of those things that we enjoy doing. You may place all of the emphasis on that one main tree. Deciding exactly which bauble should go where and the perfect evenly distributed lights. You may like to decorate extra areas of your home such as fireplaces, window sills, or front doors. Adding festive garlands and wreaths, and proudly displaying those Christmas cards. You will find, that most homes have one area that is festive and Christmasy, but they can often neglect other areas of the home. 

Adding the festive touch to your bedroom to get it ready for Christmas

It is true that in recent years the festive cheer has now gone beyond a living room or lounge. More people are looking at adding lights and festive garlands to staircases, allowing children to decorate their own tree in a playroom or conservatory, and even finding that you are switching up certain ornaments, plates, and cutlery that you might use daily. However, the festive cheer can spread furth around your home and one place to think about is the bedroom. But how can you add a touch of festive class to your bedroom to get ready for Christmas without feeling like your whole home has become Santa’s grotto? Here are some suggestions. 

Festive bedding 

There is no doubt about it but the main feature of any bedroom is the bed, so one way to add a bit of festive sparkle to your bedroom is to consider purchasing some Christmas bedding. It is a great way to change things up in your room and there are so many designs that you can choose from. You could go down the novelty route for a bit of fun, or you can choose a classic Christmas design that just has enough festiveness about it to make you feel all warm and Christmasy. 

Your own Christmas tree

Who says you should only have one Christmas tree or that a Christmas tree belongs in your main living room? You could have a lovely Christmas tree just for your bedroom. Something small and artificial, perhaps in a colour that matches your room. You could add a few different decorations or make things personal by adding initials and pictures. It is a lovely way to add some Christmas cheer to your bedroom. 

Keeping your advent calendar in the bedroom 

Many of us have an advent calendar and often some of them are beautifully wrapped and presented. It could be a beauty advent or some luxurious chocolates, but instead of keeping it downstairs why not add it to your bedroom instead? You could open it first thing in the morning or the last thing at night as a special treat. 

Fairisle Charcoal Grey Sherpa Fleece Throw
Fairisle Charcoal Grey Sherpa Fleece Throw

Festive ornaments 

A great way to add some festiveness to your bedroom is to display some Christmas ornaments. Your window sill, side tables, or dressing tables can be great places to display some Christmas wording. Or you could even change your photo frames for more festive colours and prints for the season. If you are really invested, then why not replace the pictures with Christmas and winter-inspired portraits instead. Maybe you have lots of pictures of you and the family dressed up for Christmas. This is the ideal time to display them. 

Twinkly lights 

If you love the idea of making things feel inviting and festive then twinkly lights are always going to be the best things to choose. You can add lights to your window so that they can be enjoyed from outside as well. Or you might want to add lights to the back of your bed or dressing table area. The more lights you have, the more festive it will feel. 

Jazz up an en-suite 

If you are fortunate to have an en-suite, then don’t let that room escape your festive makeover. You could find a lovely Santa bath mat or even one for the toilet. You could even add festive cups to hold your toothbrush and toothpaste. This could also work for a bathroom if you want to decorate it for your children. Add festive bath bombs and shower gels for them to use at bath time. 

Snowy Village 100% Brushed Cotton Reversible Christmas Duvet Set
Snowy Village 100% Brushed Cotton Reversible Christmas Duvet Set

What about guest rooms or kids’ bedrooms?

Finally, don’t let the other rooms be left out if you are deciding to overhaul your home for Christmas. Guest bedrooms can benefit from lots of festive bedding options and ornaments, and children can also have some lovely bedding to signify Christmas. You could even add DIY countdowns to your children’s rooms or allow them to have their own trees so that they can decorate them just as they want. This saves them going crazy over your tree and leaves their own decorations in their own rooms. 

Hopefully, this has inspired you on how you can decorate your bedroom for Christmas as well as given you a few ideas for other areas of your home.

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