What are the best Christmas Movies for Teens?

Best Christmas Movies For Teens

November 1, 2023

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So many people get stressed out during Christmas. Sometimes taking a break and sitting down to relax and watch a funny Christmas movie is the best thing you can do. Grab a snack and a cosy seat and get ready to laugh until your sides hurt.

The holiday season is undeniably the most wonderful time of the year. When the Christmas tree is up, and the smell of hot cocoa fills the living room, there’s no better way to amp up the holiday spirit than by diving into a list of the best Christmas movies of all time. This is not just about kids’ Christmas movies; we’re talking about a range of films that will appeal to older kids and teens. So, gather your entire family for a Christmas movie marathon that will offer you more than just holiday cheer!

What are the best Christmas Movies for Teens?

What are the best Christmas Movies for Teens?

It’s A Wonderful Life

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This Christmas classic depicts a heartwarming story that takes place in a small town, teaching viewers about the true meaning of Christmas. For teens who can appreciate an older film, this one’s a must.


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This is one of my favourite Christmas movies of all time. It’s about a regular human raised by elves who travels to New York City to find his real dad. This movie is hilarious and appropriate for the whole family. Will Ferrel is the best choice they could have made to play Buddy the Elf. So grab your family this holiday season, pop in Elf, and get ready to laugh.

National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

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I watch this Christmas movie with my family every year. It does have some language in it and some parts may not be fully appropriate for young ones but it’s very amusing. It’s about a family at Christmas time who all are staying in a house together. They of course get on each other’s nerves and have many crazy things happen to them. This is a great movie, and I can assure you it will make you laugh.

A Christmas Story

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This movie is about a young boy who wants a BB gun for Christmas. His mother and even the Santa at the mall tell him he’ll shoot his eye out with it. It’ll make you laugh, for some so hard that you’ll cry! The grown version of the young boy tells the story as it goes along.

What are the best Christmas Movies for Teens?

A Charlie Brown Christmas

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This animated movie introduces kids to the Christmas spirit in a way that’s entertaining and poignant. A holiday special that you won’t want to miss.

The Polar Express

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This holiday movie is a tale of a young orphan child who takes a magical train ride to the North Pole. It captures the essence of the Christmas spirit and is perfect for the whole family.

The Santa Clause

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As a child and to this day this is a movie I must watch every year. The Santa Clause is about a man with a young son. He hears something on the rooftop and discovers Santa’s coat. Once he puts it on he discovers that whoever finds it then becomes Santa Claus. Great for kids and adults alike.

The Santa Clause 2

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In the second installment of the series Santa is enjoying his job, that is until he and the elves discover that he must find a Mrs. Claus or he can no longer be Santa. This movie takes you through the story of Scott (Santa) trying to find his Mrs. Claus while trying to keep his teenage son Charlie out of trouble.

What are the best Christmas Movies for Teens?

Home Alone

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Home Alone is about a family that plans to go away together for Christmas. The day they leave they are in such a hurry they accidentally leave young Kevin behind. Being young and not knowing what to do Kevin tries to fend for himself. Burglars break into the home and find that Kevin has set up many traps to stop them. One of the funniest Christmas movies in my opinion.

I’ll Be Home For Christmas

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Jonathan Taylor Thomas plays Jake, a young college student whose father offers to give him a car if he’s home by Christmas Eve. Of course, on his way home, Jake runs into problems and is delayed. Funny and appropriate movie this is a great Christmas movie.

Deck the Halls

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This movie is about a man who loves Christmas. Every year he decorates the house with lots of lights and decorations and takes corny family pictures. A new neighbour moves in across the street and soon begins putting up his own decorations. It quickly becomes a contest to see who can have the brightest most Christmas-like house.

White Christmas

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A holiday classic that’s stood the test of time, this film is perfect for winter break movie nights.

What are the best Christmas Movies for Teens?

Four Christmases

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This is a movie about a couple whose parents are both divorced. For Christmas, they are supposed to visit all four parents at different places. To get out of it they lie and say they are doing charity work somewhere. When their flight is cancelled they are on the news and asked about where they were heading. The family sees and they are forced to visit them all, reconnecting with their family members this movie will make you laugh and also give you a little bit of that fuzzy feeling.

Jingle Jangle

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Starring Forest Whitaker and Keegan-Michael Key, this Netflix original offers a star cast and an original Christmas movie experience that’s fresh and exciting.

The Grinch

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In the real actor version of the Grinch, Jim Carrey plays the green creature. As you may know, this movie is about The Grinch who hates Christmas, young Cindy Lou Who tries to include him in the festivities and get him to once again love Christmas like all of the whos in town. The Grinch still decides to steal Christmas but may come to a realization and soften up in the end.

If you’re looking for Christmas movies for teens to watch this holiday season, try some, or all of these. Wishing everyone a great holiday season full of laughs and good cheer.

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