Struggling for storage? Why you need to consider built-in wardrobes

July 5, 2021

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When it comes to our homes, the one thing we can all struggle with is storage. It doesn’t matter how big or small your home is, we often have that one issue in common. You may find that you can find useful ways to store toys away and keep things organised in children’s rooms, but wardrobes can often present a problem. Perhaps not being utilised in the best possible way, especially standalone furniture items which restrict you with hanging space and shelves. So what is the answer? Often built-in wardrobes can be a great solution. 

However, built-in wardrobes can transform your bedrooms and the space that you have in your home. I wanted to share with you some ideas for built-in wardrobes to give you some inspiration on how they could help you with storage issues that you might have in your bedrooms. 

Are built-in wardrobes needed in children’s rooms?

Often people don’t consider built-in wardrobes in their kid’s bedrooms. After all, children often need storage for toys more s than their clothing. However, this is where built-in wardrobes can provide a solution for both. Using a space in a bedroom that may not be utilised properly by standalone furniture means that you can create a space that works for you.

In your child’s built-in wardrobes, you can not only have hanging space, but also shelves. Sometimes you don’t need as much hanging space for children’s clothes and need the space to be used differently. You could also look at using the top areas that are higher to reach to store things you don’t use all of the time. Kid’s bedding, toys for rotation purposes, and also extra space for clothing they can grow into. There are three things that could be stored away neatly in built-in wardrobes without having to use more space in the room. 

why you need to consider built-in wardrobes

How you can use built-in wardrobes in your room

Of course, mainly the master bedroom is usually the area where built-in wardrobes might be found. Again they can be great space savers and they can also be built into more awkward spaces in a room. Freeing up other areas for other things and creating more space overall. However, how can you utilize a built-in wardrobe in your room? Here are some ideas.


Sometimes you need more hanging space than other members of the family, so the beauty of built-in wardrobes is that you can design them to suit your needs. You could have shorter hanging space because you don’t need a full length, or maybe you just need a lower amount of hanging space because you prefer to fold your clothes away or even store them using methods like the Marie Kondo technique. Shelving can be used in different ways. So within it, you could also use boxes to segregate different items of clothing or accessories. 

Storage for jewellery, bags, and shoes

Another great thing about built-in wardrobes is that you can customise areas to suit your needs. If you want a pull-out drawer to house all of your jewellery you can. If you want a shoe rack installed, so be it. You could even have a dedicated space that you can show your bags and other accessories more easily. If they are stored correctly, you not only can see things better, but you can get more out of the space you have. 

Using high spaces 

With built-in wardrobes, you can have floor to ceiling storage, which often means you get extra space you would never have had before with standalone furniture. You could store endless things in that area. More specially, you can use it for things you don’t need daily access to. It could be extra bedding or blankets, perhaps even storing personal things like memory boxes you have for the kids. It could make the area a lot more flexible for you to use. 

The design and look of built-in wardrobes

The design and look of built-in wardrobes

The great thing about built-in wardrobes is that they can be designed to suit the interior and look of your home. There are many features so if you wanted a modern and sleek look you can achieve it, just as you could a retro or vintage finish. They can also utilise spaces in your home where you may not be able to fit the usual furniture. For example, a long and thin alcove might not fit a standard wardrobe but could have a built-in wardrobe customised to suit. 

Hopefully, this has given you plenty of ideas of how built in wardrobes could be used in your bedrooms.

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