Prepare Your Home for Your Guests

8 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Your Christmas Guests

November 11, 2023

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Are you expecting some guests this season and wondering how to prepare your home for your guests? Here are some helpful tips to consider.

The Christmas season is here again and this year’s celebration should be even more meaningful, as the Coronavirus pandemic may have kept you apart from some friends and loved ones for some time. Research by Statista reveals that in 2018, 76% of people in the UK looked forward to spending time with their friends and loved ones during Christmas.

Prepare your home for your guests

Prepare Your Home for Your Guests

Create space

Nothing makes your guests feel more welcome than knowing that you went the extra mile for them. It’s time to declutter any crowded spaces you may have to give your visitors enough room to relax. In case you may need a spare bed or somewhere your guests can lounge as you chat or watch movies together, why not try a corner sofa bed?

Make extra room in some closets and add more hangers if you can as well, to give your guests somewhere to arrange their stuff. Clearing up space will give your guests some room to put their shoes and luggage without feeling like they’re intruding. 

Make hygiene a priority

In the hustle and bustle of Christmas preparations, don’t forget to keep the COVID protocols in mind and make your home as clean and safe as possible for your guests. Items like sanitisers, hand wash, etc., will help remind your guests to stay safe while you share the season.

Don’t leave sensitive areas like your bathrooms out of the equation; clean them thoroughly with disinfectants and stock up on the necessary toiletries to help your guests observe good hygiene throughout their stay. Clear any crowded countertops, clean your sinks, tubs and toilets thoroughly and replace any old or used towels. 

Start decorating

Christmas décor just has a way of adding a cheerful tone to the atmosphere and giving your home a warm and friendly feeling. Some Christmas-themed décor such as throw pillows, Christmas lights, scented candles, a Christmas wreath on your front door, and not forgetting your Christmas tree give your home just the festive touch you need!

The tree in particular also gives you a place to hide your gifts for your guests, adding to the element of surprise and celebration when they arrive. It’s not just about the indoors that you need to think about. Why not add some outdoor Christmas lights to welcome your guests and bring a little festive cheer to your neighbourhood?

A welcome mat at the front door (to help them brush off any snow or dirt before walking in) and some extra racks for them to hang their coats will be a lovely addition as well.

Prepare Your Home for Your Guests

Provide essentials

Imagine getting to your destination, only to realise you left your toothbrush or towel. This could happen to your guests too, and it’ll be nice to have some spare essentials out for them just in case. If you are preparing a guest room just for them, don’t forget to place essential items like a toothbrush and even a fresh towel to let them know that you’re thinking of them. Especially as the weather will also be extra cold, some comfy blankets will add a cosy touch to the room and keep your guests warm throughout the season. This will help make their stay even more comfortable.

Make the necessary repairs

No one wants to come home to a leaking sink, faulty tap, broken lock, or a blinking light. Have you been postponing that much-needed repair for too long? Now is the best time to get things fixed before your guests arrive. In case you’re worried about where to start from, you can make headway by first assessing which areas need your urgent attention. Don’t forget to contact your professional repairer as soon as possible, so you can get things sorted out just in time for your guests.

Stock up your kitchen

It’s time to identify what stuff needs to be restocked in your kitchen, from essentials like milk and eggs to some snacks you and your guests can munch on whilst catching up. Making a list of the things you need will help you be more organised, budget efficiently, and avoid multiple grocery store visits. A fully stocked fridge and pantry help you to cater to your guests when they’re hungry, or you can even invite them to help themselves since they’re in their second home. Don’t forget to dispose of any expired items or leftovers you won’t use to create enough room for you to stock up. 

If you’ve not already added a little touch to your kitchen, you can get out some jars, cutlery, and napkins. This makes them easily accessible so that your guests can access them easily, without having to open too many drawers.

Prepare Your Home for Your Guests

Get ready for surprise guests

The Christmas season is full of surprises, and this could sometimes include unexpected guests. The last thing you want is to feel rushed or unprepared when you have more guests than you had anticipated. This could happen if maybe it’s too late for some of your guests to drive back home, or an emergency such as bad weather arises. Extra sleeping bags, toiletries, etc., will come in very handy here, so prepare well in advance to enable you to still spend enough time with your guests without them feeling unwanted or unwelcome.

Plan some activities

Aside from spending some quality time together, a fun line-up of activities will help make your guests’ stay even more memorable. If you know what your guests love to do the most, this can help you plan some activities they will definitely be interested in. Are you going to have a Christmas cook-off? Or perhaps you’ll have a movie night, sing Christmas carols, go through old photo albums or play some family games such as charades or board games. Whatever you decide on should not only be entertaining but allow you and your guests to bond and create unforgettable memories.

When the time comes to prepare your home for your guests can be quite a task, but hopefully, these tips will guide you and help you make your home a cheerful and welcoming one for your visitors this Christmas.

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