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Throwing an old school Christmas party with Tesco Food [AD]

December 10, 2020

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This year, Tesco says there’s no naughty list, so why not treat yourself to an old school Christmas party

If you were to ask me to think back to my childhood days celebrating Christmas at school. What would be the memories that flood my mind?

Maybe the time when I was bumped up to Angel Gabriel in the nativity as one of my classmates failed to arrive for the show. I was so proud to stand on the top vaulting platform with my arms spread wide.

Maybe it would be visiting the local convent and getting to sing for the nuns and residents? Sharing sweet treats, stories and cuddles with them – spreading that extra little bit of Christmas cheer.

Old school Christmas party

If I’m honest, it would have to be the old school Christmas party that we had each year at my primary school. Held in our classrooms each year, with the teachers handing out slips of paper for our parents ahead of time…

Dear ___________________
Please provide enough ____________________ for 6 children for the Christmas party on _______________________
Thank you and Merry Christmas

With each of us bringing in cakes/sandwiches/sausage rolls/crisps etc. it provided a fantastic feast for us to enjoy. Alongside the board games, crafts and music it made for a fun-filled last day of term.

Every year I would volunteer my mam for cakes (sorry mam!) as she made the most delicious cakes and they always went down well. Plus she’d make far more than six so we could all enjoy the treat. The teachers soon got to know where her talents lay and would automatically put her down for cake duty. She’s even come into school to help out on Christmas party day – much to the horror of my Year 5 teacher who was convinced that my mam would go into labour during the party (my brother arrived two days later).

Missing out on the old school Christmas party

Now that I have my own children, I do feel as though they have missed out on the traditional old school Christmas party. With schools unable to ask parents to send in food for a whole host of reasons. They do attempt to make the end of term fun for them – but is it really Christmas if you’re not trampling in crumbs into the carpet and drinking watered-down squash out of those spotty melamine cups?

Recreating an old school Christmas party at home

Not wanting my children to miss out on the festive celebration, this year I have been looking at the Tesco party food selection with the aim to have an old school Christmas party at home. Getting the children involved by planning the festive treats and games to be enjoyed.

Old School Christmas Party - Plant Chef No Mozzarella Sticks


Without the restrictions of a school classroom, it is time to pull out all the stops when it comes to the party spread that you are able to share. Tesco has an amazing party food range, with items from the Plant Chef, Wicked Kitchen and Finest range available in store and for home delivery. Making it easy for you to select the delicious treats that will adorn your Christmas party.

Moving away from the traditional stale sandwiches and sausage rolls, instead, adding Plant Chef No Mozzarella Sticks and Wicked Kitchen Chicken Drumettes. Taking things up a level with the Finest Cheese Selection on a Slate (so much better than cheese on a stick!). Adding in some of the different party foods available on 3 for 2 to ensure you don’t run out of tasty treats.

Speaking of tasty treats, you can’t have a party without a centrepiece and the Chocolate Orange & Maple Bauble Cake is not only a talking point but tastes delicious too – with a pinata style centre that the kids will love when it is cut into to reveal. You can keep things traditional with the Finest Free From Chocolate Yule Log which always goes down well at a party.


Although those spotty melamine cups will always hold a special place in my heart it is time to hide them back in the 80s where they belong. Replacing them with some of the Christmas tableware items available in store. The jar style festive glasses with straw help ensure that drinks are enjoyed and not knocked over – well that’s the plan! You can partner these up with festive plates, bowls and serving accessories to create a beautiful table for the party.

Old School Christmas Party - Tesco Finest Duck and Waffles

Dress code

One of the additional benefits of the old school Christmas party was gaining a non-uniform day. Although we originally would change into our party clothes after lunch, they soon realised that this took up too much valuable party time so they switched it to a whole day of party wear. With this in mind, it’s time for the children to have free rein over their wardrobes and let them dress up however they desire. You could even pick up some Christmas jumpers or t-shirts whilst doing your weekly shop to add that extra festive feel to the party.

Party games

Who said that Christmas crackers were just for Christmas Day or maybe even New Year’s Day? You can get some fantastic kid-friendly crackers that contain the must0have party hat, joke and a fun treat for them to enjoy. A great way of getting the party started and ensuring everyone has a party hat to look the part.

Christmas treat

Although I might not be able to persuade Father Christmas to make his rounds at the party like he did when I was at school. I can still give the children an early Christmas gift, it doesn’t have to be anything extravagant, just a little something that they can unwrap and enjoy in the days leading up to Christmas.

Our old school Christmas party

Whilst I might be the one who came up with the idea of throwing an old school Christmas party. The execution of the party was very much a family affair. With the children helping to pick out the party food in-store. As well as getting involved in setting up the table and even preparing the party food as it is so easy to place on baking trays and pop in the oven (obviously, I popped it in the oven, not the children). Piglet especially loving the idea of mini burgers and hot dogs, whilst Tigger loved the mini toad-in-the-hole party treats.

With What The Dad Said in charge of the festive tunes we had so much fun enjoying the party food, pulling crackers and getting swept up in family competitiveness with party games. Thanks to the Tesco Christmas range has really helped create special and everlasting memories for our family.

Will you be throwing an old school Christmas party?
If so, make sure to check out the Tesco Christmas range.

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