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A Tweens Guide To Netflix

August 3, 2016

Last year we decided that Roo was old enough and mature enough to have access to Netflix on her tablet. This way she would be able to sit and watch her favourite shows without having to ask to put it on via the TV in the front room or kick Tigger off the PS3 in the play room when he is playing Skylanders.

Over the months she has found a few series that she has really enjoyed as well as getting her dose of teen drama films. The beauty of Netflix is that she is able to have her own profile so that she can find what she wants to watch as well as receive recommendations based on her viewing habits.

A Tweens Guide To Netflix

I decided to ask her what it is she loves about Netflix and her recommendations for tweens to watch (written by Roo)…

Dance Academy

Dance Academy is about Tara and how she dances. On the first day, she meets a girl called Cat who Tara asks where the changing rooms are but Cat sends her to the boys changing rooms. Tara finds a boy called Christian who scares her, then another boy comes in, Ethan, who is Cat’s brother and shows her where the girls changing rooms are. Tara is teased by the other dancers because she went into the boys changing rooms. There is this other girl called Abigail who thinks she is the best dancer in the academy. She’s also top at everything.

House of Anubis

The House of Anubis is about this girl called Nina who comes from America and goes to England to this place and she sleeps in the House of Anubis. She replaces this girl called Joy and her friend Patricia isn’t happy because Joy left without saying goodbye. Patricia starts being mean to Nina. Fabian is the only person who is being nice to her.

Ever After High

Ever After High is about a group of girls who have either good or bad characters from fairy tales like Snow White, the Evil Queen, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. Raven doesn’t want to fulfil her destiny and apple tries to persuade her to because if she doesn’t it will ruin her destiny.

Project MC2

Project MC2 is about four girls, Mckeyla, Camryn, Bryden and Adrienne who are science-skilled girls. They are working together to save the day and prove that Smart is the New Cool. They show experiments and at the moment there is only 3 episodes but there are more coming soon.

Disclosure: We are part of the Netflix Stream Team

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