Celebrating with a Mr. Men Birthday Party

Every year the Queen hosts at least three garden parties over the summer at Buckingham Palace. This year to celebrate her 90th birthday she is hosting an extra special garden party. As today would have been Roger Hargreaves birthday we thought it would be lovely to host a little garden party to celebrate his amazing work on all the Mr. Men and Little Miss books.

I’m sure that everyone has read and enjoyed at least one Mr. Men or Little Miss book in their lifetime, we have several of the books on the bookshelf. The one that is enjoyed the most has to be Mr. Fussy, this was a gift to Tigger from his pre-school teachers when he left last summer to start reception class. It sums him up perfectly and we all have a giggle as we read it.

Celebrating with a Mr.Men Birthday Party

The British weather is all over the place at the moment and despite best-laid plans to have a fabulous garden party in our new garden we ended up having an indoor party by the patio doors to at least be able to look at the garden whilst we enjoyed our party food, cake, and Mr. Men books.

Mr. Men Birthday Party - Indoor Picnic

Mr Men Birthday Party - Tesco Little Miss Birthday Cake

Mr. Men Birthday Party Books

Mr. Men Birthday Party

The latest Mr. Men to be released is the Mr. Men Birthday Party

It’s Mr. Silly’s birthday and Little Miss Helpful is organising his birthday party, but unfortunately Little Miss Helpful isn’t as helpful as she sounds. Somehow or other things never quite turn out as they are meant to.

Will Mr. Silly’s birthday party be a success?

We loved this new Mr. Men book, it’s fun, it’s silly and the perfect addition to our party – It would actually make a great gift idea for children’s birthdays too

The Mr. Men Birthday Party book is priced at just £2.99 and is available from Amazon

Mr. Men and the Silly Birthday Party

Alongside the release of the Mr. Men Birthday Party book, you are also able to purchase a personalised book – Mr. Men (Your Name) and the Silly Birthday Party. A story library version is available for just £8.99 or a larger print book for just £12.99 – plus if you enter the code pblogger20 you will receive a 20% on all personalised Mr. Men books.

Mr. Men and the Silly Birthday Party

Dressing up is so much fun!

It wouldn’t be a party without dressing up, so we decided to make our own Mr. Men fancy dress costumes. Thankfully the sun was shining the following afternoon so we were able to do this in the garden.

Celebrating with a Mr. Men Birthday Party - Costumes

How to make Mr Fussy and Little Miss Chatterbox

Mr Men and Little Miss costumes are relatively simple to make, the hardest part is deciding upon which characters to choose. For Roo and Tigger, it was quite obvious which two characters we should make… Little Miss Chatterbox and Mr Fussy.

What you’ll need:

  • Large cardboard boxes (two sections per costume)
  • Scissors
  • Paint, paper or pens to colour
  • Glue
  • Ribbon or string to attach costume to child

How to make…

  1. Decide upon which Mr Men or Little Miss character you want to be, then either using the book cover or searching the internet for an image draw the outline of the character on the front segment of your cardboard box
  2. Depending on how you want to colour in your Mr Men you might find it easier to colour them first before you cut it out (especially if you have little helpers).
  3. Using the flaps of the cardboard box you can add extra detailing like hair, hands, shoes etc.
  4. Once your Mr Men or Little Miss is either painted, coloured in or covered in paper (pink wool for Mr Messy would be fantastic) add the detailing around the face, shoes etc with a black pen, then cut around the main body. Once you have done this use it as a template for the back of the costume on the back segment of your cardboard box
  5. The back of the costume should then be painted or coloured to match the front without the need for much detailing.
  6. Attach the string or ribbon to the shoulders of the costume, which can then be tied together to form a sandwich board type costume. You may want to add further string/ribbon to the side for added security.


To celebrate the release of the new Mr. Men Birthday Party book, Boo Roo, and Tigger Too is lucky enough to have one copy of the book to giveaway.

To enter simply complete the Gleam widget below:

Mr. Men Birthday Party

Disclosure: We received a selection of Mr. Men party supplies and books FOC in order to have a Mr.Men Birthday Party



  1. Samantha O'D
    May 9, 2016 / 10:25 am

    Mr Bump reminds me a little of myself

  2. Isabel O
    May 9, 2016 / 3:26 pm

    When I was little at nursery we each had a Mr Men character assigned to our peg and mine was Mr Bump so he’s always been my favourite. It makes sense as I am very clumsy!

  3. May 9, 2016 / 3:27 pm

    Those are such cool costumes, I loved the Mr Men books and z loves the Mr Tickle one the best!

  4. Anthony Harrington
    May 9, 2016 / 5:40 pm

    Mr Bump – he is so clumsy and funny!

  5. Susie Wilkinson
    May 9, 2016 / 8:48 pm

    Mr Bump, because he’s always bumping into things, like me!

  6. May 10, 2016 / 8:22 am

    Fab costumes! We are big Mr Men fans here #triedtested

  7. May 10, 2016 / 8:28 am

    A Mr Men birthday party is a fabulous idea! Great giveaway too 🙂


  8. May 10, 2016 / 8:29 am

    I’ve always loved Mr Men and Little Miss, when I was little and my daughter also loves them. It looks like you had a lot of fun! 🙂 #triedtesting

  9. iain maciver
    May 10, 2016 / 11:17 am

    mr tickle so tickely

  10. Paula Barker
    May 10, 2016 / 12:21 pm

    Mr topsy turvy as he is my sons favourite he always has a chuckle when I’m reading his story

  11. Harline Parkin
    May 10, 2016 / 1:05 pm

    Mr happy He’s a jolly fellow

  12. Lisa
    May 10, 2016 / 3:34 pm

    We love the Mr Men series! x

    May 10, 2016 / 4:26 pm

    Our favourite has to be Mr Happy as they find him so funny

  14. Andrea Fletcher
    May 10, 2016 / 4:40 pm

    Mr Noisy because he makes me laugh.

  15. Natasha Corder
    May 10, 2016 / 5:18 pm

    Little Miss Chatterbox!

  16. Claire D
    May 10, 2016 / 7:08 pm

    Mr Daydream is my favourite

  17. Jo Carroll
    May 10, 2016 / 8:14 pm

    Reading through a lot of the comments many people share my love of Mr. Bump…I think he’s getting the sympathy and empathy vote? 😉

  18. Leah Wheatley
    May 10, 2016 / 8:22 pm

    Little Miss Messy as she has Messy hair and is messy like me

  19. Corinne Henson
    May 10, 2016 / 8:28 pm

    Little Miss Sunshine as who doesn’t love a bit of sunshine

  20. Emma
    May 10, 2016 / 8:33 pm

    My favourite was always Mr Tickle! 🙂

  21. Clare Martin
    May 10, 2016 / 9:49 pm

    Little Miss Chatterbox

  22. Angie McDonald
    May 11, 2016 / 12:38 am

    I love Mr Messy!

  23. Kirsty Hosty
    May 11, 2016 / 2:32 pm

    Little miss sunshine

  24. Jo Hutchinson
    May 12, 2016 / 10:05 am

    My favourite was Mr Nosey

  25. Clare Hubbard
    May 12, 2016 / 1:25 pm

    We love mr bump, he reminds me of my husband!

  26. Sophie Dolan
    May 12, 2016 / 7:01 pm

    Mr Tickle was my fave Mr Men ☺

  27. Solange
    May 13, 2016 / 1:27 am

    Little Miss Chatterbox.

  28. Lisa Pond
    May 14, 2016 / 7:57 pm

    Loved Mr Strong and his egg obsession! 🙂

    May 15, 2016 / 8:56 am

    Little Miss Chatterbox

  30. Rachel Craig
    May 15, 2016 / 12:02 pm

    Mr Happy is my favourite of the Mr Me.

  31. Ruth Harwood
    May 16, 2016 / 9:13 am

    We love Mr Tickle xx

  32. Corinne Peat
    May 16, 2016 / 6:55 pm

    We love mr tickle

  33. karen hutchinson
    May 20, 2016 / 4:09 pm

    Mr greedy – love the old ones from my childhood and now my son loves them too

  34. Pam Francis Gregory
    May 21, 2016 / 10:13 am

    My favourite is Mr Tickle – He is very funny!

  35. Jodie Harvey
    May 21, 2016 / 11:48 am

    my bump – reminds me of my partner – hes a walking accident 😀

  36. Christine Caple
    May 21, 2016 / 3:18 pm

    Mr Happy is our favourite

  37. Rachel Butterworth
    May 21, 2016 / 7:10 pm

    Mr Jelly is my favourite.

  38. Michelle O'Neill
    May 22, 2016 / 7:54 am

    mr grumpy x

  39. Chris Andrews
    May 23, 2016 / 10:35 am

    Leave me a comment telling me who your favourite Mr. Men or Little Miss character is . . . . . Mr Tickle

  40. Lisa Wilkinson
    May 24, 2016 / 7:33 pm

    Mr Bump is my favourite 🙂

  41. Sarah Wilson
    May 24, 2016 / 8:19 pm

    Mr Bump as he has been my favourite since I was a child!

  42. Sheri Darby
    May 25, 2016 / 6:44 pm

    Mr Muddle makes us laugh

  43. Laura Pritchard
    May 27, 2016 / 6:08 pm

    I love Mr Tickle

  44. Emma Fox
    May 28, 2016 / 7:59 am

    I like Mr Bump he’s so accident prone!

  45. Denise C
    May 28, 2016 / 2:27 pm

    Mr Tickle is my favourite

  46. Victoria B
    May 28, 2016 / 4:06 pm

    Mr Messy is the favourite in our house.

  47. Elspeth McMillan
    May 28, 2016 / 6:03 pm

    Mr Bump reminds me of my son 😀

  48. Julie Ward
    May 28, 2016 / 6:53 pm

    Mr Messy reminds me of my son and he’s in his 30s now

  49. Rebecca Powell
    May 28, 2016 / 7:38 pm

    We love Mr Strong

  50. jessica catherine
    May 28, 2016 / 7:49 pm

    i love mr happy
    is this enough words now?

  51. Alison Johnson
    May 28, 2016 / 10:20 pm

    My son loved Mr Tickle as thats what he called his Dad as he was always tickling him!

  52. May 28, 2016 / 10:41 pm

    Mr Bump because we are clumsy and often bumping ourselves

  53. amy bondoc
    May 29, 2016 / 7:49 am

    mr tickle and miss chatterbox make us laugh

  54. Allan Fullarton
    May 29, 2016 / 9:06 am

    Love Mr Tickle, he makes me smile.

  55. Iris Tilley
    May 29, 2016 / 10:48 am

    We love Little miss tickles cos she always makes us giggle

  56. May 29, 2016 / 4:12 pm

    It has got to be Mr Bump -he is by far the best

  57. Diana
    May 29, 2016 / 4:40 pm

    Mr Tickle, because we like tickles 🙂

  58. kelly morgan
    May 29, 2016 / 6:29 pm

    little miss sunshine

  59. Victoria Prince
    May 29, 2016 / 7:11 pm

    My favourite Mr Men character is Mr Jelly!

  60. Amanda Norwood
    May 29, 2016 / 7:27 pm

    Mr Tickle was always my favourite

  61. Sarah Addey
    May 29, 2016 / 8:02 pm

    Mr chatterbox as that’s wat our daughters like

  62. Susan P
    May 29, 2016 / 8:10 pm

    Mr Bump is the best 🙂

  63. Karl Borowy
    May 29, 2016 / 8:11 pm

    mr tickle ofcourse

  64. Joanna Kasznicki
    May 29, 2016 / 9:08 pm

    Mr Happy is my fave

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