A small child in a car

Surviving the holidays with Three Go Binge

January 15, 2018

As a family, we have always jumped in the car and headed off on adventures. When the children were little they would happily stare out of the window or snooze most of the journey. As they reached pre-school age it became a necessity to entertain them in the car – which apparently my singing does not count (or is in fact welcomed). We purchased DVD players for the back of the headrests and would pop on their favourite films. This worked for a couple of years, however, with the introduction of Blu-Ray discs we soon found ourselves having to persuade them to watch older films as the newer releases wouldn’t play within the car.

Last summer we ditched the DVD players and attempted to download content onto their tablets to watch on the journeys. This idea was perfect, unless, you forget to download any new content and they are then forced to watch repeats of Skylanders Academy etc. (parenting fail). 

As the autumn half term holiday approached Three contacted me about adding Go Binge to my existing package. A free service (depending on your tariff/contract) which allows you to download content from several top streaming services without using up your data allowance. Given how much I use my phone my data allowance is a precious commodity and not something that I would usually use for streaming – I might run out and then how would I get my social media fix whilst out and about?

Go Binge from Three

A small child in a car

What is Go Binge?

Go Binge is a new service from Three which will allow customers to stream and download from certain sites and providers without worrying about running out of data.

What content is included with Go Binge?

  • Netflix
  • TVPlayer
  • Apple Music
  • Deezer
  • SoundCloud

Please note – Some services, such as Netflix, require separate subscriptions. Some additional content, like adverts, which are embedded in these services may come out of your regular data allowance.

How to add Go Binge to your Three account

Go Binge is available to all new and upgrading Three customers on the following tariffs:

  • All handset Advanced plans of 4GB and above.
  • All Sim Only Advanced plans of 4GB and above.
  • All Pay monthly Mobile Broadband plans of 5GB and above.

Call 333 from your Three handset to speak with the customer service team

Surviving the holidays with Three Go Binge

A person sitting in a car

Although the benefits of using the Go Binge package whilst we travel to see family and friends or heading to a theme park etc. were something I noted straight away. It was the added bonus of being able to occupy the children whilst we waited for either Roo or Tigger to finish one of their after-school activities. Instead of having to sit through another round of ‘I Spy’ or hoping that I still had paper and crayons for them to doodle on. I now could hand over my phone so they could open up their Netflix profile and watch something as we waited.

So what are you waiting for, time to add Go Binge to your Three account and let it help you survive the next school holidays!

Disclosure: I am a Three contract customer and was provided with a Go Binge hamper FOC in order to try out the new service

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