Blogging 101 | How to Write a Blog post in 30 Minutes or Less

February 23, 2021

Writing quality content takes time, but sometimes there’s just not enough time. Have you ever written a solid blog post in a short time, like 30 minutes or less? If not, we can show you how to write a blog post in 30 minutes or less and it doesn’t even have to be complicated. With the right tools and a good content strategy, you can learn to write smarter and faster. 

Step One: Create a content calendar

Depending on how often you blog per week, whether it’s once or twice, or even more… whenever you have spare time, jot down some ideas about topics to write about and feel free to brainstorm. Insert your ideas into a content calendar that extends for the next few months (for example, each quarter of the year). 

Step Two: Categorise your content

Once you have your content calendar, categorise it by defining what each content piece will be. Is it a how-to piece, new product release, or event announcement? Whatever it is, make sure that you list each of your blog posts in a certain genre with a reason for posting it – this will help you vary the content that you’re posting.

Step Three: Start drafting your posts a week in advance

Before your posts are due to go live, start drafting them a week before already. This will help give you enough time to think about what subheadings will draw your readers attention, how to start off the post and how to end it. By doing this, you’ll help yourself solidify the structure of what you say.

Step Four: Consider mentions and links

The most important thing to consider when blogging is to add mentions and links to relevant content that is both found on your website and in outside sources. This is beneficial because of search engine optimization and as your reader reads the post they’ll be getting suggestions for further reading. This is beneficial if you’re monetising your blog. Also, when you post, remember to mention relevant individuals or brand names. That way, if that individual or brand has a social-media alert that tracks their name- they’ll see that you’ve been writing about them and might even drop by your blog to have a read.

Step Five: Set time aside to write

Block off time to give yourself time to write and to avoid distractions while you’re in the zone. Since you’ve already started structuring your post a week before, it will be relatively easy to fit everything together and put down the words. If you’re aiming to write 700 words, 30 minutes should be enough time for you to come up with a first draft – provided you don’t have interruptions. Of course, if your post needs accompanying research, screenshots, quotes, and so on… the process will take a bit longer. So, be proactive about it and spend your time while you commute, wait for your coffee, or before you go to sleep to gather all the time-consuming information that you need.

How to Write a Blog post in 30 Minutes or Less

write a blog post in 30 minutes

0-2 Minutes – think about your content

  • How is your content going to be different?
  • Are you taking a specific angle or opinion?
  • How many words are you aiming for your post to be?
  • Is your head wrapped around the topic of this post?

This stage of the process is crucial even if you don’t get any words written in the first few minutes.

0-5 Minutes – has your topic already been covered?

Perform a few quick searches and see if…

  • This topic has been covered many times
  • How can you add value to this existing topic to make it different?
  • How can you incorporate your brand values into the subject?

0-8 Minutes – create an outline of your post

Your outlines don’t have to be detailed, because the only one that’s going to see them is you. The aim is to create a basic direction for your post so that you can deliver something that flows well. For example, if you’re writing a list post- focus on headers, if you’re writing a research post- write a sentence or two about each paragraph.

8-20 Minutes – write the body of your post

  • Research as you write your content
  • If you’re struggling with a certain point, skip it for now and work on it later
  • Resist the temptation of letting your mind wander or letting your fingers check on your social media. If necessary, put your phone away somewhere else. 

20-22 Minutes – write your introduction

Introductions make the first impression, so you need to make sure that the first impression is a good one. Provide context for your content by adding that intriguing opening that will sufficiently hook your reader.

22-24 Minutes – include a Call-To-Action

Motivate your readers to take an action, such as :

  • Share this post on social media
  • Leave a comment
  • Download your freebie
  • Check out the following

Make sure that your concluding section engages and entices your readers.

24-26 Minutes – source one or two images that are relevant to your content

Enhance the overall message of your content by using royalty-free image sites like Unsplash, Pixabay, Pexels, and so on. Pick images that are high-quality and will stand out. Make sure that you learn proficiency in basic photo editing so that you can add text overlay in seconds.

26-29 Minutes – edit your writing 

When you’re editing your post, make sure to use these 3 minutes later after you’ve been writing. Editing always works more effectively when you’re looking at your content with fresh eyes. However, if you have a deadline and don’t have time to do so, do the following : 

  • Edit your subheading for descriptiveness and power
  • Check the content of your subheaders for grammar, spelling, and flow
  • Ensure you have an introduction that is compelling
  • Ensure that your call-to-action is persuasive 
  • Check that your title is a super one

29-30 Minutes – write your Meta description

You have 140-160 characters to describe your post and make it memorable on search engines. So make those characters count- make them enticing, descriptive, and engaging!

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