Yellow car no returns

As a family, we often jump in the car and head off to meet family and friends, enjoy days out or head off on holiday. The children have grown up being used to long journeys and have found their own way of entertaining themselves.

For Roo’s birthday last year we were lucky enough to visit the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in London. Along with Roo and Tigger, Magic Nanny and my niece Charlie came with us. as we drive down Charlie introduced us to a new car game… And to say that it has been addictive is somewhat of an understatement.

Yellow car no returns

A very simple concept – spot a yellow car and shout ‘yellow car no returns‘ before anyone else.

However, you’d be surprised at just how competitive it can get. Really competitive. As well as how annoying it is when you’re not paying attention and someone else spots a yellow car. Suddenly you have to switch your A game back on and are scouring the carriageway for anything yellow. What is even worse is when you are in the car on your own and you shout out ‘yellow car no returns‘, the curse yourself for falling into the trap.

Now you’re probably wondering why ‘yellow car no returns‘, think of it like the good old days when we used to say double dog dare you and no comebacks. It’s claiming that you saw the car first and managed to get the whole spiel out rather than yellow car. Sounds daft but honestly next time you’re in the car see how many yellow cars you will spot. It’s surprising just how many of them there are. Oh and ambulances, AA vans (or any vans for that matter), lorries, breakdown trucks etc don’t count.

What games do you play in the car to pass the time away?



  1. May 22, 2017 / 8:56 pm

    We try to play the ‘let’s see who can keep quiet the longest’ game. It doesn’t work for long.

  2. Boo
    May 22, 2017 / 9:10 pm

    It’s always funny to see what it is that they are so desperate to say when they break the silence

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