For your Tomorrow, we gave our Today

May 15, 2020

“When you go Home, tell them of us and say,
For your Tomorrow, we gave our Today”
John Maxwell Edmunds

With VE-Day 75th anniversary celebrations very much in the media and on our minds last week. I watched Churchill’s speech, the coverage and social distancing street parties on the news. One of the things that have replayed on my mind time and time again is the ‘For your Tomorrow, we gave our Today‘.

All those young men who volunteered and fought for their country. Selflessly putting themselves in harm’s way for the greater good. Uniting together as one and not knowing whether they would see their loved ones again.

The future generations of their families highlighting the role their grandad, great grandad or family member played in the war. How proud they are that they stood up and joined in the fight – even though many of them never returned.

I can’t help thinking about my future generations. My grandchildren, great-grandchildren. What will they think when they as what part I played in the fight against Coronavirus. As the pandemic reached across the UK and devastating families. What will they say, what will they think when they realised I didn’t do anything. I stayed home, I kept their parent/grandparent home. Tucked away from the outside world.

I didn’t head out and fight. I wasn’t a keyworker. I wasn’t a service supporter, I didn’t return to my NHS roots. Their grandad, great grandad, however, headed out to ensure that the nation had their essential food and groceries. Part of the feed the nation team. He worked extra shifts to cover those in self-isolation and at-risk groups. To ensure that deliveries were out on the shop floor as soon as possible serving and assisting the vulnerable.

Whilst I might not be a hero to the future generation, I know that they will be proud of What The Dad Said – just as much as we are proud of him heading out to complete another shift. Even though we’d love to keep him home, safe and sound with us during the lockdown.

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