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The Secrets Of Raising Your Children Sugar-Free

May 22, 2017

When we become parents biologically, or through adoption or marriage, we want to give them the best odds at being healthy, well-adjusted, and strong people. It is an awesome responsibility. A child is a blank slate. The activities we expose them to, the habits we instill in them, and the foods we teach them to eat are the tools we equip them with that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

The dangers of hidden sugars

Sugar is added to many foods we eat as a preservative. Even when we think we are making good choices, without diligence, sugar will find its way into the fast-paced lifestyles we live. Companies market foods to attract children and label them to make them appear to be healthy when they are loaded with sugar.

We need only look at them obesity problems of American children to know the importance of raising sugar-free children.

A person sitting at a table in front of a mirror

Tips to help you avoid sugar issues

By avoiding sugar-filled treats, our children learn to satisfy their cravings with fruits, nuts, cheese, and other healthy snacks.

  • Do not keep sugary foods in the house
  • Make your rules known to family, friends, and caregivers
  • Do not deprive your kids of special treats and special occasions
    • Order sugar-free candy from online candy suppliers so you know what you are giving them
    • Create sugar-free candy buffets for birthdays, parties, and holidays
  • Limit the importance of food
    • Do not use food to reward or punish them. Teach them moderation, self-control, and pleasure in all activities.

Encourage healthy activities that will develop with your child

Many people allow their children to participate in seasonal sports. That is a great thing, for kids who enjoy them. But there are activities that teach children balance, teamwork, self-assurance, style, and grace.

Take dance class, for example. From the very young child learning to control their bodies to the mature dancer who has mastered the art, dance is a rewarding experience.

Dance is not seasonal. Dance is not limited to one age group or to one gender. Dance opens doors to lifelong opportunities in art and industry.

As the art that is built upon and cultivated. As a child learns to control their bodies, breathing, energy consumption, and muscles, they just mature physically and mentally.

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It is easier than you think

The earlier you start, the better. It is much easier to create new habits than to break bad ones.

When a child grows up enjoying the occasional sugar-free treat, they are just as thrilled as the child who is given the Easter basket full of sugar ladened snacks.

Only, they do not experience the sugar rush, crash, or withdrawal that comes with a high-sugar diet.

Children who are given dance class and healthy activities from early on, grow to know their own bodies and trust their own instincts. Their bodies and minds function at their maximum potential at every stage of life.

Often the child who is taught these life lessons, go on to teach them to their own children. This is your gift to future generations.

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