A little girl standing in front of a window

Time for nursery

May 14, 2017

When I faced the prospect of being made redundant last year in some ways it was a blessing. We had moved home so my commute would be difficult juggling school runs and childcare. There was also a part of me already resigned to not returning as the childcare provider I used for Roo and Tigger wouldn’t be able to provide the hours I needed in order to return to work.

With the option to work from home it seemed the best option as I could be available for the school runs and work whilst Piglet naps. With the plan for Piglet to start at the school nursery when she turned two. However, after contacting the school to place her name on the waiting list I was informed that they have opted not to take two-year-olds. Plus from September they may not be able to take as many three-year-olds due to the increase in free hours for working parents.

A little girl standing in front of a window

Our plan for nursery care for Piglet was falling through before it had even started. Whilst I went through the mindset of it’s OK I’ll manage to juggle emails/calls etc. whilst she naps and work in the evenings. Mr. Boo, however, pointed out that this meant very little time to see each other in a day. WhichI knew he was right plus I am struggling to keep up as it is. Plus with naptimes only going to decrease, we needed a new plan.

Just before the Easter holidays, I contacted a local day nursery to inquire about fees, facilities, and availability. As luck would have it they had the two mornings that we were looking for available so arranged a visit. I dragged Mr. Boo along with me to see the nursery which is odd as he never visited the one that Roo and Tigger attended to see if it were suitable. My nervousness of sending Piglet to the nursery was obviously on my mind so needed another set of eyes to make sure I was selecting the right place.

After a successful visit, we decided to start her at the beginning of May instead of delaying it until later in the year. Partly so that we didn’t lose the place at the nursery, plus I’d be able to work the hours that she attends. But also so that she has the interaction with other children her own age and other adults that aren’t me. Piglet can be very clingy towards me which is lovely but also can be difficult. She can play happily with Roo and Tigger or Mr. Boo but as soon as she sees me she wants my full attention.

Decision made and settling in sessions booked I can hope that this is the right decision. I can hope that she will thrive from this, however, there is a part of me that will continue to have mum guilt about sending her to the nursery.

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