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The one with the contractions, water infection and a wake up call

October 24, 2015

Life sometimes has a habit of throwing you a curve ball. My pregnancy with Piglet hasn’t been plain sailing but each kick and wiggle makes it all worth it.

Last weekend I’d been feeling cramping pains and a pressure sensation on and off since Friday evening. On Saturday I started to notice a bit of a pattern to them, with pains coming around every hour or so. By Sunday I was still feeling pains and pressure regularly so decided to contact my local delivery suite.

Assured that it was just Braxton Hicks I was told to call back if they started coming every 10 minutes. I didn’t feel right about not being checked over and after chatting to some of the #BlogBumpClub mums I decided to call back and request to be seen.

With the children getting ready for baths etc. I decided I would drive myself over to the hospital and leave Mr Boo at home with them to save disrupting them (especially as I didn’t know how long I was going to be).

Checking into the maternity unit I was asked to provide a urine sample before being hooked up to the CTG machine to check Piglet’s heart rate and whether I was experiencing any contractions. My urine sample came back showing that I had an infection and with the CTG machine picking up contractions the midwife explained that my bladder infection was irritating my uterus causing the contractions.

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The more active my bladder the more frequent my contractions came – a catch 22 situation as I need to drink more to ‘flush’ out the infection but I don’t want to cause too many contractions. After almost five hours I was finally able to go home to rest armed with a prescription for some antibiotics.

Whilst my contractions were due to a bladder infection it did make me think about being more organised just in case I had been kept in or suddenly went into early labour. So the following morning after dropping the children at school I headed into the city to buy all the remaining items I needed for my hospital bag.

By Wednesday however, I actually felt worse than I did at the weekend. Although my contractions had calmed down I now had terrible lower back pain, a fuzzy head and generally feeling rough. Having taken three days worth of antibiotics I hoped I would have started to feel better so rang my GP for advice. She decided to change my antibiotics and send off a new urine sample for testing. The past few days have been awful, I feel as though my kidneys are literally screaming in pain at me, I can’t seem to get myself into a comfortable position – hopefully these new antibiotics will kick in soon.

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