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Why You Should Always Wear an Apron

November 26, 2015

Cooking is a fun hobby for the whole family. But the thing people hate the most about cooking is the mess it makes. Cleaning up the kitchen after whipping up a feast is hard work and if you have food particles all over yourself and your clothing as well, then it makes for even more of a mess to clean up. That’s why many people prefer to wear an apron, but there are actually quite a few reasons you should be wearing an apron every time you cook.

A person standing in a kitchen

Aprons Can Help You Prevent the Risk of Getting an Infection

When we eat food we haven’t made ourselves, there’s always a small risk of getting an infection and suffering from a serious illness. This risk, though, is not only confined to eating food outside the home, the risk is just as prevalent to home cooked food. The clothes we’ve been wearing all day long have numerous germs all over them and these germs can easily be transferred to the food you are preparing. A simple act like putting on a bib apron can go a pretty long way in reducing this risk. After all, prevention is always better than cure.

The apron will help to prevent your clothes from coming into contact with the food you are cooking and any germs, such as hair, dust, and dander will stay within the apron and away from your pots, pans, and plates. We hear of enough incidents of clothing catching fire or minor burns in the kitchen. All of this can be prevented by the simple act of wearing an apron. Remember to tuck in all your loose clothing, too, and keep clothes firmly secured to your body.

Aprons Help You Avoid Getting Messy

The kitchen can be a pretty grimy place with all the oil splatters, messy spills, and cooking that goes on, and even the splashing of water from the sink. All of this can get on your clothes and some stains can be really stubborn. Avoid the risk to your lovely clothing and put on an apron to avoid getting splattered on.

Encourage the Kids to Wear Aprons too

You should teach your children to wear an apron when they are helping out in the kitchen as they can get messy, or splattered on too. This is a good way to introduce your little ones to cooking safely and cleanly while enjoying some great family bonding time. There are loads of kid’s bib aprons available on the market so it’s easy to find a fun, colourful one with cartoon characters and fun text on them.

Choose an Apron According to Your Requirements

Just wearing an apron isn’t going to do the trick. It’s actually important to use the right apron in tandem with your specific requirements. There are actually quite a few variations to aprons: they come in cloth, plastic or even cloth with a plastic lining. So do a little research before choosing. If your work in the kitchen involves more washing and cleaning up, it’s better to choose an apron with a plastic lining. But if you tend to spend more time cooking and preparing food, choose a plain cloth apron.

Some varieties even come with pockets which helps to keep wash cloths and sponges handy so you can clean kitchen counters and spills or wipe dishes before serving. You may even like to keep your oven mitts on hand. Just remember to keep your apron clean for every single use.

An apron is just a simple piece of cloth that can make a big difference. While people have always taken it for granted, an apron can be a cost-effective safety device when you are cooking.

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