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My post pregnancy winter clothing wishlist

November 27, 2015

Throughout my pregnancy I have enjoyed the luxury of having a built-in central heating system which in the high of summer wasn’t necessarily the greatest thing. With the weather turning cooler I am fortunate to be enjoying the extra warmth that Piglet is currently providing. With her due date looming I will soon be in the same boat as the rest of my family, cold and facing a long chilly winter.

So I’ve put together a little post pregnancy winter clothing wishlist I’d love to make up my wardrobe, ditching the Russian roulette of which shoes will fit on my swollen feet, which top will accommodate my growing bump and a coat that will actually do up.

Over the past few months I haven’t been able to wear a coat that fitted around my ever-increasing bump. I’m looking forward to the prospect of being able to fasten up a coat and being able to keep myself warm as well as dry (my poor bump has been soaked on the school run too many times). In light of me being able to finally fasten a coat up I have been looking at winter coats over at House of Fraser and have found the gorgeous Wallis black double-breasted coat which is currently in the sale and I think will look great either on the school run with jeans and boots or on the rare occasion I need to dress a little smarter (hopefully a nice meal for my birthday).

Whilst maternity fashion has certainly improved since I was pregnant with Roo and Tigger it still isn’t the most flattering items of clothing. I’m looking forward to being able to wear chunky knit jumpers, fur-lined hoodies to keep me warm and snuggly and anything that buttons up the front without the worry of the buttons becoming undone (I speak from experience).

Footwear is one of the things I’m really longing for, I’ve only been able to fit into one pair of shoes throughout my pregnancy whilst at times has been touch and go as to whether I’d have to ditch those in favour of my trainers. I love a good pair boots and have spotted the Samia boots from Hotter Shoes which look like they will look great with jeans or skinny fit trousers and knowing Hotter Shoes I can count on the comfort to get me through the school run and all the park walks I’ll be taking with Piglet.

Living on the east coast has its benefits especially in the summer however the winter means that we are the first to get the offshore winds and cold weather. So I’m thinking that a snood might be better than a scarf at being able to keep me warm as I walk along the seafront with the children without the worry of it blowing away.

What items are on your winter clothing wishlist?

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