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Why I work part time

April 21, 2015

Somebody asked me the other week at work why I work in the role that I do and why I don’t move on to a more challenging or full-time position. It has had me thinking ever since and there are several reasons why I work part-time in the role that I do.

I am fortunate to work only three days a week and then I only work 9.00am to 3.00pm which allows me the luxury of dropping the children at pre-school and school each morning and collecting them at the end of the day. I work literally a stones throw from my home which allows me the convenience of not having to travel far for my work.

I also do the role that I do because I’m good at it, really good at it… I don’t want to sound big-headed or anything but I know that role inside out.

I know the telephone numbers of all the different departments, which the ladies I work think is a combination of genius and strange (I’m a numbers girl).

I know who to contact when something crops up, whether it is needing to get our hands on more stock, getting in touch with tradesmen etc. I just know who does what.

I know how to bribe staff members to do an extra shift (cake works every time, I’ve even been into work at 10.30pm to deliver cake as someone agreed to do a night duty).

I know how to get my own way on the telephone and will not stand for those who are rude and try to belittle my position.

It is a role that I have done for the past eight years, a role that I am passionate about, a role that frustrates me at times but the thought of changing roles isn’t something that I would seriously consider.

There has however been some changes over the years, with the biggest changes coming in the past year. Sadly one of line managers lost her husband in a tragic accident and opted to take retirement as the commute to work and the memories that she held were too much for her to cope with. Then unfortunately the day of the funeral my other line manager’s husband was diagnosed with cancer, which they have subsequently been told is terminal. She also chose to retire in order to care for him. Christmas saw us say goodbye to our management team and replaced by two staff members who have been promoted.

I don’t know what the future holds but I’m pleased that I can waltz in at 9am and leave at 3pm.

  • Donna April 21, 2015 at 10:01 pm

    It’s great when you find a job you’re good at and that fits in around family life x

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