A cup of coffee sitting on top of a bed

The One Where I Had The Flu

April 5, 2018

Every now and again life has a habit of standing up and smacking you around the face. Throwing a hissyfit and letting you know that you cannot carry on as you are. Forcing your hand into making changes.

Having been feeling run down and exhausted for a number of weeks. I have as any parent would do and just got on with it. By the weekend I had started to waiver although assumed that I was just about to get a bad migraine.

A cup of coffee sitting on top of a bed

Managing to make it through Easter Sunday and a family trip to Pizza Hut. I’d started to feel my sinuses block and my trademark sneezing began. An early night beckoned in the hope of sleeping off the worst of it. However, a 2am wake-up call from Piglet made me realise that I was feeling much worse than I did before heading to bed.

After putting Piglet back to bed, I wasn’t able to get comfortable in bed and worried about disturbing Mr Boo. So I took to the sofa to try and get some rest. Finally returning to bed just before 6am. Feeling rotten upon waking at 7.30am I took Piglet downstairs and begin to ponder whether to cancel our planned day out with friends to Palace House, Newmarket.

Utterly shattered and little energy meant that a day at home was required. I reluctantly cancelled our plans and set up camp on the sofa.

Whilst I thought that Piglet would spend the day climbing all over me, she really wasn’t that interested. Thankfully distracted by her new iCandy MiPeach pushchair for her baby dolls. Learning how to navigate it around the living room and scolding her siblings should they dare to assist.

Vertigo and nausea, the temperature and the aches all set in throughout the day. Whilst the sweats and shivers waited until I went to bed to kick in. Switching from one extreme to the other within seconds. Alongside the bonus rounds where part of me was hot and sweaty yet another was shivering with the cold.

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I’ve spent the last few days confined to the sofa, working my way through the children’s film collection with Piglet. Thankfully the older two are capable of entertaining themselves and have been amazing and helping with Piglet too.

I’m still not 100% but nothing a few more days of rest won’t fix. Although it has highlighted that I need to be taking better care of myself.

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