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Boo Roo and Tigger Too {May 2016}

June 4, 2016

Another month over as quickly as it arrived. We’ve been so busy that the days have passed us by. We enjoyed our first real holiday as a family of five to Butlins. It was really great to get away together and the kids really enjoyed themselves. It was much quieter than when we went there three years ago as we opted to take the children out of school for four days (they have 100% attendance so I’m not concerned that they would be missing too much).

Boo Roo and Tigger Too {May 2016}

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I’m still feeling in limbo regarding my work situation. Despite promises that meetings would happen within two weeks, it took an email to the CEO and an explanation that things would be taken further to finally have meeting dates organised. The meeting, however, felt like a tick box exercise and I don’t feel any closer to a resolution but who knows maybe June will bring more news.


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It has been a tiring month for Roo, she has had so much on that she is running on low battery – although whenever we have suggested an early night or a nice lay in she has got all defensive and stroppy (got to love the tween years).

She was so excited when we arrived at Butlins at the beginning of the month as she always talks about when we went three years ago. She loved being able to go swimming everyday, watching the shows and enjoyed the fairground rides. She has already asked when we can go back again.

School is keeping her busy between play rehearsals, homework and attending her first residential camp. It is so lovely to see that she has settled in so well and whilst she misses her friends she has been sending them letters and postcards.


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My little boy has really surprised me this month, he has taken to eating chicken and it is so wonderful to think that he can finally eat and ‘normal’ meal with the rest of us. He does make me laugh so much, he comes out with the most random, yet hilarious things – he sat explaining to Roo the other day that he now likes chicken but he didn’t before, so he thinks that she should try eating bananas because she might like them (she hates bananas).

I’m still a little worried about him at school, whilst he is keeping up with his reading etc. I’m not convinced that he is making friends. We had a stay and play session before half term and as I left he was just stood in the middle of the classroom looking around, looking a little lost – it really pulled on my heart strings.


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Little Piglet has found her voice this month with dada and nana her new words along with an array of squeals and shouts, she is certainly going to take after Roo and Tigger and be a chatty baby.

Something that I wanted to do with Roo and Tigger was to take them to baby swimming lessons but I never did manage it, however, with Piglet I have managed to book her onto a course of lessons at our local Waterbabies and she is really loving being in the water – she really dislikes the sound of the velcro ripping on her wetsuit so I hate to do it really quickly and then offer her a big cuddle.

So that was May, what will June hold for us?

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