Changing Faces Week Thirty {2015}

The end of the school year has finally arrived. Tigger has said goodby to his pre-school and Roo has survived her first year at junior school. We are now looking forward to the next six weeks of family fun.


Changing Faces Week Thirty {2015} - Roo

  • Said goodbye to her best friend who is moving to a new school in September – we hope to meet up regularly though
  • Excited to see Piglet’s latest scan picture
  • Looking forward to the summer holidays


Changing Faces Week Thirty {2015} - Tigger

  • Pleased to receive Sonic Racing as a well done present
  • Said goodbye to his teachers and friends at his pre-school
  • Counting down the days until he visits Granny’s house

Are your children looking forward to the summer holidays?


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