Important information you should always include in your wedding invitation

January 28, 2022

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Weddings are such an exciting thing for any couple. The day where you make the ultimate commitment to one another to be together forever. However, planning a wedding can be a whole different thing altogether. It can be stressful and overwhelming. One of the things you might want to think about sooner rather than later is getting those wedding invitations out. They will give you an indication of numbers and also help you with specific details. But what should you include in your wedding invitation? Here are some of the important details you won’t want to forget before you order your wedding sample pack

What should you include in your wedding invitation?

Names of the happy couple

The first detail you need to include is the names of the happy couple. There are a few ways you can do this. Traditionally it would be that the bride’s parents’ names are invited to the big day of and then it is usually the first and middle name, if appropriate, of the bride and then the groom’s full name including surname. However, these days people go against tradition and sometimes don’t include the parents’ names as being the ones inviting people to the wedding. As long as your names are on there then you are good to go. 

Where you are getting married and when

Another important detail to add to the wedding invitation is where you are getting married and when. Make sure to induce the date and the time. It may sound obvious, but sometimes it can be easy to get wrapped up in the details of how the invitation looks and you can forget to add the important facts. You might also want to include directions or an address so people know exactly where to go and how to get there. Also, it could be worthwhile adding information for things like parking and whether there are any issues with access. 

Reception details 

Some couples have their reception at a different venue, so don’t forget to add those details in there as well. Again include the timings and the address details. Include where to park or how they can get there. 

Accommodation close by 

Your guests may want to let their hair down and enjoy themselves so it could be worthwhile to include accommodation options within your invite. It might be that your wedding venues might not be geared up for guests staying over, so local hotels and holiday let information can be useful to include. 

Gift details 

Traditionally, guests would give the couple the things they need to start their married life in their new home together. Often using gift lists with department stores and selecting things they may want or need. However, these days, many couples getting married have already been living together, so often don’t need dinner sets and cutlery. So you could ask for money or vouchers for a honeymoon, or even state that you don’t need gifts and their attendance is all you would like. Make sure to include something about it as otherwise, it leaves guests feeling awkward about asking the question. 

How your guests can RSVP

In your invitation, you need to include how your guests can RSVP to your wedding. You could add little cards and pre-paid envelopes for people to respond back to. Making it easier for your guests should encourage a speedy response, as the last thing you want is for people to avoid responding. 

Dietary requirements for the wedding breakfast 

Many weddings have food of some sort. It might be the traditional wedding breakfast, canapes when you enjoy drinks or even late-night snacks at a reception after a night of dancing. Whatever food options you have, as a couple you will want to ensure that you cater to your guest’s needs and there may be some people that have specific dietary requirements. It could be that they are vegetarian or vegan, or maybe they have an allergy to certain foods. Having this information can enable you to make good food choices and also ensure that the catering staff at your chosen venue know not to include certain foods if there is an allergy. 

Are children able to attend?

Weddings are joyous affairs, but the argument on whether children should attend is one that is decided by the couple getting married. So whether you welcome children or would prefer for them not to attend make sure this is known on the invite. 

Make sure the wording suits the vibe of your wedding 

Finally, make sure the wording you choose suits the vibe of your wedding. Whether traditional or a more relaxed affair, your invite sets the tone for your big day. 

Let’s hope this guide helps you when it comes to sending out your personalised wedding invitations.

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