Tips For Creating A Guilt-Free Destination Wedding Guest List

Tips For Creating A Guilt-Free Destination Wedding Guest List

March 25, 2022


“Invite as many people as you can” – said no bride ever!

When it comes to a destination wedding, this idea needs to be changed. Destination weddings come with responsibilities such as deciding the venue, finalising the food, organising transportation, arranging accommodation, following COVID protocols, and much more. All of this is dependent upon the number of guests you invite. Forming a guest list becomes essential! Is your wedding guest list ready yet? If not, you are at the right place. We understand that creating a wedding invitee list comes with much drama, especially when it’s a destination wedding. After all, you cannot take a massive population along with you! 

Before you begin, ensure that you plan one with your partner so that you guys don’t miss on any important person. Below are some tips that will ease this challenging task. And we assure you that there will be no guilt with it! Let’s begin:

Get Organised

Organise yourself by creating a chart in excel or something similar wherein you can visualise everything side by side. It will give you a better idea of how many people you plan to invite and how many rooms to reserve. We recommend you go with Kasa. Kasa Living is flexible when it comes to accommodating guests for the wedding. Their apartments and hotel rooms will provide an exclusive experience to all your guests. They have many amenities ranging from something as simple as iron and laundry to facilities like swimming and play areas. Contact them for reservations and grab their amazing offers. Trust us; it will be a point for conversations for guests coming in.

Begin With Today

No matter how much time is left for your wedding, it is better to prepare at the earliest so that you can plan things ahead. Start with the ones important in your life today that have been with you for the last six months. This includes your close relatives, friends, immediate family, and colleagues. In short, you don’t have to invite a friend that used to walk with you to school in 3rd grade. If the last time you saw one cousin was when you were in diapers, cross them too. It’s that simple!

Tips For Creating A Guilt-Free Destination Wedding Guest List

Keep It Even

It means that guests from both the partners should be even. One side sometimes has a hundred guests while the other has twenty-five – it is best to avoid such a situation. It is a mandatory consideration while planning a destination wedding.

Split The List

Split the list in A and B. Are you wondering how it works? Add people who are indispensable in list A. For instance, grandparents, parents, first cousins, uncles and aunts and best friends come under this list. Guest B list contains those you would like to have, but your feelings won’t be hurt if they can’t go. More distant peeps come to this category.

Identify The ‘Iffy’ And ‘No’ Guests

Planning a destination wedding is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires a huge expense and advanced planning. Now that you have formed a list of people in the A&B category, it’s time to create the C list. Are you wondering which guests to add to this list? Guests from the above two lists who have confirmed that there is no way to make it to the destination should be added to the C list. Also, the ones with, if possible, category needs to be added. 

Tips For Creating A Guilt-Free Destination Wedding Guest List

Now, you might have achieved the total headcount by combining all the lists. Remember, this is just an estimate. Are you wondering how to book rooms on this basis? Well, you can set priorities and block more rooms for A list followed by B and the least for C. Accordingly, order a cake, decide food and drinks, take care of chairs, tables and much more. And then you have it all done!

Did you see how easy and fuss-free it is to plan a destination wedding guest list? And most importantly, you will have no guilt after it.

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