Is It A Good Idea To Simplify Your Wedding?

Is It A Good Idea To Simplify Your Wedding?

August 24, 2022


What do you think of, when you think of a wedding? For most people, the traditional ideas involved with whatever culture they hail from will determine that. For instance, many people might think of a wedding ceremony in a church or another building of worship, followed by an after-ceremony in a nearby venue, where people eat a catered meal, may dance, and may fall over near an open bar as the happy couple go off to their honeymoon.

All of that is great. There’s a reason why weddings like this are taking place up and down the nation constantly, and today there will no doubt be many special couples following this exact format. However, not all people want the same things or are inspired by the same format.

For example, it might be that you only wish for a few guests to attend your wedding. Perhaps your closest family members and maybe two or so friends on each side is enough. As we saw during the pandemic, weddings can take on a range of different shapes and sizes in the best possible light.

What if you wish for a more down-to-earth wedding? Let’s consider that, below:

Simplify your wedding: what to consider

Is It A Good Idea To Simplify Your Wedding? - person holding bouquet of flower

Simple Dress

It can be nice to dress simply and effectively. There’s nothing wrong at all with long bridal gowns and trains or ornate suits, but if you wish for a simple but beautiful dress, like green wedding ties for the groom and best man, simple dresses for the bride and bridesmaids, or matching outfits in same-sex weddings, that’s great too. For some, it might be that smart, but still informal dress is appropriate, such as comforting blazers and smart trousers, but without the intense formality of the usual wedding dress. This can certainly save the expense while also helping you look and feel your best.

Eschew The Optional Additions

Many people think that you need all of the different optional considerations, such as taking dance lessons in advance of your first dance, or planning a welcome party and a rehearsal dinner. You can totally skip those if you wish to do so, in order to save time and expense.

It may be that you organize and duplicate the wedding program yourself rather than opting for a unique list professionally made, or perhaps you’re willing to go without a list of wedding gifts if you wish to keep in mind everyone’s financial situation. This is totally up to you, and you’re not selfish if you wish for all of these. It’s all down to you, but if simplifying, this is a good place to start.

Book An All-Inclusive Venue

For some people, several venues are necessary, because not every place will offer everything. You may wish to get married in a historical location, for instance, which may or may not have room for a catered event. Booking an all-inclusive venue, one that can provide the hall, space to cater for your guests, and perhaps a dance floor, entertainment stage and bar to enjoy afterwards will help make everything simpler.

Better yet, some venues, like hotels, might even offer accommodation people can access easily. If you have families arriving and wish to take care of your elderly guests especially, this can be a great place to start.

Is It A Good Idea To Simplify Your Wedding? - photo of bride and groomhugging

With this advice, you’re certain to decide for yourself if simplifying your wedding is appropriate. At least now you’ll know where to get started.

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