Bridegrooms: What Are Your Socks Options?

What Are the Different Type Of Socks Options For Bridegrooms?

February 25, 2022

While organizing your wedding, you must have been confused about which gifts would be the most beneficial. Amongst all these essential things like clothes and shoes, socks for men are not something we give much importance to. But believe us when we say that socks are necessary to look good on any special occasion. So, get quality products at the best price for fantastic varieties of socks!

It is complicated to find out what kind of socks Indian bridegrooms should wear but worry not! We’ve come up with cool ideas for your big day. For starters, let’s check out some formal wear Indian bridegrooms should own:

  • Men’s office shoes
  • Formal Clothes
  • Tuxedo Shirts
  • Formal Pants/Trousers
  • Bow Ties/Cummerbunds
  • Belts
  • Suit Jackets

Sock options for bridegrooms 

Now that we have figured out what bridegrooms can wear, let us look at the best options for socks for men. We all know how important it is to look elegant at a wedding. So, here are the top picks:

Bridegrooms: What Are Your Socks Options?
  1. Polka Dot socks: These unique polka dots printed Indian groom’s socks can be a great gift to your brother or friend who is getting married. It will add a unique touch to their appearance, and they can flaunt it without being too flashy about it! You can also try cross-stitch socks as an alternative if you want something more subtle. 
  2. Plain solid-color socks: Again, the true beauty of these sophisticated socks lies in their simplicity. You can go for colors like white or black which can be worn with any outfit. If your groom likes to experiment, you could also try different shades of brown because it goes well with almost everything khaki!
  3. Striped socks: For those who don’t want to stick to one color, multi-colored striped socks would be a great pick as it’s not only stylish but also comfortable. The best part about these is that you could wear them on casual occasions too, so even if they get damaged after a few washes, that won’t matter much!
  4. Khaki-colored socks – These matching pairs of this season’s favorite color – khaki – have been the talk of the town. It’s a great pick as you can instantly match it with any outfit, be it casual or formal. The color also compliments almost every skin tone, so the chances are that your bridegroom will look good in this too with men office shoes.
  5. Socks with shorts – If your friend likes to experiment a lot and wants to stand out from the crowd, then this is an ideal pick for him! It’s not a traditional Indian wedding outfit but looks pretty amazing on men, especially if they have a cool pair of shoes to match it up with. 
  6. Plain white socks – These may seem like normal plain socks for men at first but what makes them different from any other regular pair is their material. They make regular cotton socks, but these are made of viscose which makes them extremely lightweight and comfortable. They also keep your feet fresh for a longer time, so you don’t have to worry about your feet smelling bad throughout the wedding! Although it’s not necessary, you can go for socks with rubber grip soles so that they don’t slip when worn under shoes.
  7. Striped white socks – These high-quality striped socks are pretty popular in India because they are more cost-effective than most other options available in the market. The best thing about these striped printed Indian groom’s socks is that they can be worn anywhere without worrying too much about their upkeep after the wedding day! Perfect fit, perfect color, and perfect fabric; what more could a bridegroom ask for?
  8. Polka dots white socks – These unique polka dots printed Indian groom’s socks are a great option because you can wear them at any formal event, and they fit perfectly fine. The material is also of great quality, so the feet won’t start smelling even if your friend wears these the whole day.
  9. Plain colorful socks – If you want to add some more color to his wardrobe and give him some extra space in it, then go for this amazing pair of multi-colored striped socks with men’s office shoes! It’s a perfect pick if your groom is into fashion and likes to experiment with colors while dressing up. They come in various shades of blue and look extremely modern when worn with jeans or pants.
Bridegrooms: What Are Your Socks Options?

Final Thought 

So, what do you think of these Indian wedding outfits for men? Here is a simple way out to make it easier for you to decide your pick from the abundance of choices available. If your bridegroom already has a dull wardrobe that needs some colour in it, then I would suggest going for socks for men with stripes or polka dots. They look amazing on men and compliment almost every outfit a man could choose from! 

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