8 Warning Signs Of Serious Water Damage In Your Home

August 18, 2021

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Water damage has a variety of causes, and you’ll see evident signs that require immediate attention. Sadly, there are instances in which water damage can occur for years without manifesting any signs.

Flooding is also another cause of water damage, especially in flood-prone areas. Depending on the grounds of water damage, whether rapidly or gradually, you must be familiar with the indications. By being familiar with the signs of damage, you can call for assistance right away. Remember that delaying action can cause mould to grow and put your family at risk and result in further damage to your home. If you want to prevent water damage effectively, checking out the Moisture Master Pros LLC site and others would greatly help. 

If you’re suspecting water damage in your home, here are the warning signs to watch out for:

1. Musty Odor

Once you notice a musty, mould-like odour, it might be a clear sign of water damage in your home. The scent means mould and mildew are developing inside your house, especially if there’s stagnant water accumulating somewhere in your house. If you suspect a leak, avoid using any air freshener products for a few days to check for any unfamiliar odours present in your home.

If there’s an elevated humidity level in your home, it further contributes to mould growth. It’d be best to pinpoint the source behind the walls or ceilings and contact a professional right away. If you allow the mould to grow in large numbers, your family’s health is at risk for respiratory conditions and allergies. 

2. Dark-Coloured Stains On The Walls Or Ceilings 

If you find stains or dark spots on the walls or ceilings, it’s a sign of water damage. Generally, these spots start as minimal discolouration. If you can’t determine the root of the leak, the discoloured spots can become permanent. 

3. Sagging Walls 

As part of regular maintenance, try to inspect your walls if there’s apparent saturation or damp spots, warping, or the paint starts peeling off. Any of these are signs of water damage in your home.

If there’s a leaking pipe behind the wall, it can lead to the following: 

  • Cracking in the drywall 
  • Peeling, bubbling paint  
  • Walls seem to retract or swell

Often, these indications are barely visible. The best approach to spot water damage is to skim the walls or check the room from various angles under adequate lighting to pinpoint any irregularities.

4. Unusual Noises 

Once you start hearing dripping or running water at night, even if nobody is using the water, consider it a problem. When there are water leaks, it can produce a variety of sounds. With this in mind, pay close attention to any unusual sounds you might hear.

If the source isn’t the shower or sink, likely, the water leak is somewhere in the plumbing system in your home.

8 Warning Signs Of Serious Water Damage In Your Home
Ceiling panels damaged huge hole in roof from rainwater leakage. Water damaged ceiling.

5. Appliance Problems 

Several appliances in your home utilize water. Sadly, appliances will develop cracks and rust over time. Once their hoses deteriorate, they’re likely to contribute to water damage.

Some of the appliances you need to check and maintain regularly include the following: 

  • Refrigerator 
  • Water heater 
  • Dishwasher  
  • HVAC unit 
  • Washing machine 

If you overlook routine maintenance for your HVAC system, moisture will build up against your unit, leading to mould growth over time. 

6. Skyrocketing Utility Bills 

If your utility bill is steadily increasing over the months, there’s likely a leak in your home. Make sure to call a plumber to inspect your plumbing system and carry out the necessary repairs. Timely repairs of leaks will prevent further water damage to your home and allow you to save on your monthly utility bill. 

7. Loose Flooring 

Make it a priority to inspect the flooring in your home carefully. Once water saturates the foundation or the pipes are leaking, the water is likely to seep into the subflooring.

If the pipes go through the crawl space, it’s more likely for the water to seep through the subflooring. In such cases, you’ll notice damp spots on certain sections of your floor or even loose tiles in the bathrooms and kitchens. For those who have linoleum flooring, it’ll start to peel if it soaks up water. As for laminated flooring, constant exposure to water will cause them to warp over time. 

8. Health Issues 

If anyone in your home is becoming sick recently or developing cold or flu symptoms that don’t seem to subside, it can be an indication of mould in your home. Remember that certain types of moulds can be toxic upon inhalation. It’s crucial to pinpoint the location of the mould and eliminate it right away before the health of your household continues to deteriorate.


Once you encounter any of these warning signs of water damage in your home, it’s crucial to take immediate action. Water damage can significantly destroy essential elements in your home if not quickly dealt with. Timely action is vital if you want to lessen the water damage in your home and rehabilitate it in the best way possible.

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