Actigun percussion massager

Actigun percussion massager: helping to alleviate body stresses and strains for the whole family

August 18, 2021

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As a family, we can all face issues with our movement, muscles, and activity levels. Whether you are a family that regularly competes or takes part in sporting activities, a family that enjoys regular active weekends in the great outdoors, or even the usual day-to-day activities that you may be involved in. While we are all encouraged to be more active, aching muscles can often be a downside to it. But this is where things like the Actigun percussion massager can play a vital role to keep your family moving. 

What is the Actigun percussion massager?

You may be thinking about how can it be beneficial to your family to have an Actigun. But they can be very beneficial. Actigun percussion massager is a personalised massage gun with an AI Chip installed. It is made for your physical needs and is applicable to all your body parts. Once Actigun is started, the AI chip will react to the condition of your muscles and provide the exact percussive strength you need with a humanised interactive experience.

The great thing is that it comes with 4 and 6-speed settings, 20-gear controls, and 5-replaceable massage heads. Making it a suitable option to be used on the whole family, with parental supervision of course. So how might you use it? Here are some suggestions and reasons why it might be useful. 

When you as a family play a lot of sport

Many families are active, but often some can take it one step further. It might be a father and son who play football. The father coaches the team and the son participates. It may be that as adults you enjoy recreational sports in the evening or on weekends to socialise and experience some downtime. It might even be sports like tennis competitions, cricket on the weekends in the summer, or dance competitions and training.

Whatever sport or activity you do, you may like to endure common aches, pains, and muscle fatigue from doing it. This is where the Actigun percussion massager can help alleviate the strain in those muscles and aid you with recovery and feeling yourself again. Children can use it with adult supervision, so could help them when it comes to common muscle aches that they may experience. 

To support an active lifestyle outside 

It doesn’t matter if you compete or play sports regularly, a family can still be extremely active. It might be that you enjoy walks in the countryside, hiking trails, camping holidays or other such things that keep you active during the week and on weekends. It can still mean that you can get aches and pains or put extra strain on your muscles when you are working them hard. It is common to feel achy at the end of a long walk or being out all day with the family. The Actigun can help alleviate that strain at the end of the day and get you back out there the following day. 

Actigun percussion massager

Everyday stress and pain 

We can all feel the stress and pain of everyday struggles. One of the most common ones is someone that has to sit at a desk all day. Or another person who is on their feet for their jobs from one hour to the next. We all have different lifestyles and careers, but each of them can put its own twist on the strain that our body feels.

Stress in our lives can also cause problems for us, as we tend to feel hunched and less relaxed as we might normally do. The Actigun percussion massager is designed to help alleviate that stress and pain you might be experiencing. Enabling your muscles to relax and contract as they would normally and allow you to carry on. 

Who might use the Actigun?

The great thing about it is that you can use it as and when you need it. The AI Chip works with your muscles to provide the right level of pressure and care while you are using it. The whole family can benefit from it, and as long as there is adult supervision and the injury isn’t needed to be treated medically, it can help to avoid any nasty injuries occurring in the future. No matter what our lives entail during the week and on weekends, aches and pains are more common amongst us than we might realise. 

Actigun percussion massager

Hopefully, this has given you a better insight into how the Actigun percussion massager could work for you and your family and enable you to continue with the sports and activities you love, the lifestyle you work for, and the quality time you spend together. Why not check out the full Actigun range for your family.

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Actigun percussion massager

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