Blogging 101 | Tips For Using Amazon Affiliate Links In Your Blog Posts

July 14, 2020

AD | Affiliate Links

Being an Amazon Affiliate is also known as Amazon Associates. This program is one that allows you to link to recommended products on Amazon using a unique code that allows you to earn commissions based on the sale. Commissions do vary, but it seems most will earn between 4-6% commissions on average for each product someone purchases on Amazon after using the bloggers’ Amazon Affiliate link.

Now that you have the basics, are you looking to find new ways to use your Amazon Affiliate links within new blog posts? Do you want to make more money regularly? Then continue reading to learn how to best use your Amazon Affiliate links on daily blog posts for maximum revenue.

Do Not Go Overboard

The biggest mistake that many new bloggers make when they start to implement Amazon affiliate links regularly is that they overload their blog posts with links. This is going to deter people from visiting your blog. No one likes a lot of links, banners, or popups in their faces. When opting to add Amazon Affiliate links in your blog posts, take a moment to base the number of links you add based on what you’d be fine seeing if you were visiting a stranger’s blog post.

Tips For Using Amazon Affiliate Links In Your Blog Articles

Leave First Paragraph Alone

Do not add Amazon Affiliate links in the first paragraph of your blog post. Google likes to see that your content is relevant and non-spam. Using Amazon Affiliate links in about the third paragraph of your blog post will help show your readers and Google that you’re providing relevant, rich content to your readers and in turn not look like you’re begging to have affiliate links clicked.

Make Links Look Natural

Try to reference the product that you’ll be linking to and then use the word “here” for the clickable word. This makes sure you’re not taking away from the keywords used to get people to buy the product through Amazon or other searching means and shows readers where they can click without asking them to click, a big no-no in affiliate marketing.

Use High-Quality Images

While it’s not allowed to copy images from Amazon directly, you can use a plugin or Amazon Associates Sitestrip to help link to Amazon Affiliate products with images. When using your own images or purchased stock images, make sure you select high-quality images to promote your blog posts to get more traffic to affiliate rich content.

Pin for later

These are just some of the basic tips for using Amazon Affiliate links in your blog posts. The key is to only link to relevant content within longer blog posts so that Google sees your content as valuable and your links don’t look spammy. The key to success with Amazon Affiliate marketing is to use these tips combined with what your audience is readily interested in.

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