A dog standing on grass

Updating Your Home for Autumn

September 22, 2015

A dog standing on grass

Summer is over, and autumn is nearly upon us. What do you mean, “what summer?” It was here just a second ago, didn’t you see? You must have blinked. So, now autumn is here and soon you’re going to be craving less “spacious, breezy and bright” and more “snug, cosy, and blankets on everything”.

With that in mind, here are a few ways to make your home a bit more seasonally appropriate as the days get shorter and the heating gets turned on again.

Take Nature’s Cues

Nature is great at redecorating to match the seasons. Which makes sense, seeing as it’s been doing it longer than any of us. So as you’re redecorating it makes sense to steal ideas from the best. You can use natural materials ranging from fallen leaves and branches to pinecones and conkers to craft some lovely autumnal decorations. A quick and easy one is to simply get some assorted bits for your autumn nature table, spray paint them gold and arrange them in a vase.

Focus on the High Traffic Areas

First impressions count, and a room’s ambience is going to depend heavily on what you see when you first walk through the door, so focus your efforts on the first things you see when you enter the house or leave your bedroom in the morning. An autumnal wreath by the front door, an arrangement of dried autumn flowers on the coffee table, and some nice throws in deep reds and rich browns across the sofa can make a real impact to a room’s ambience.

Pile on the Comforts

For the last couple of months the house may have been a simple way station as you pass through to your garden for barbecues, or the park for picnics in the sun, but now you’ll find your home is far more of a sanctuary from bitter winds and that type of rain that makes you want to hide under the duvet and never, ever come out.

So, make this the sort of place you don’t mind being stranded. Invest in some cushions. Put some candles around the place to make your home feel extra cosy. It’s also worth arranging your more ephemeral comforts so that they’re close to hand. Have a coffee machine in easy reach (these are particularly indulgent), and, for those days when it’s especially rotten outside, maybe keep a bottle of whiskey nearby for the occasional Irish coffee and emergency hot toddy (Nigel Slater’s recipe comes highly recommended).

Worth a Thousand Words

It was nice having the windows wide open to let that sunlight beam in all over the place, but now it’s time to shut those curtains, you ought to give yourself something new to look at. You could buy some suitably warming paintings or prints, or put up some of your own photos (they don’t have to exist only on your phone and Facebook page, you know!).

Whatever you use, it’s worth splashing out a little extra cash to get them properly framed, as having a few nice framed pictures around the place can really bring a room together and help you build your perfect autumn sanctuary.

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