We need a new bathroom

July 24, 2014

We we moved into our family home I was pregnant with Roo and whilst the house needed some updating it was somewhere we could move in and live whilst we saved to make the changes we wanted. We have made several changes to our home from double glazing, central heating and most recently our bedroom renovations.

Now we are looking at replacing our bathroom, we need a new bathroom.

We did actually replace the bathroom about 7 years ago however we were a little stitched up and I think that John Wayne and his mate fitted it. Last time we opted for a simple swap over of bathroom suite and some additional tiling, although what we were left with was a usable bathroom but not something that I wanted visitors to use.

Bathroom Renovation - Before Overview

Bathroom Renovation - Before


The previously toilet was a low cistern that stand against the wall, however we had selected a close-coupled cistern toilet and were not told that it wouldn’t fit due to the location or our soil pipe. So they built a makeshift boxing in behind it to make it fit, however they built to fit the dimensions of the previous toilet so that they wouldn’t have to make good the walls. It is built out of MDF so is not waterproof so the top has started to blister where we have splashed from the sink. We have resorted to putting flannels and storage baskets on top soak up any water and hide how horrible it is.

Bathroom Renovation - Before Toilet


We somehow managed to crack the basin by something falling from the broken bathroom cabinet above it. It has been cracked for almost a year and I worry every time someone uses it is will suddenly give way and will shatter. The taps are difficult for Roo and Tigger to use and the hot tap goes from stone cold to burning hot in a instant so they have been told only to use the cold tap. Then finally the plughole was sealed incorrectly so now looks disgusting.

A close up of a door


The bath is uneven so water pools next to the plughole and we have to swish it into the plughole after baths. The sealant wasn’t applied when the bath was full of water so whenever you are in the bath the sealant gapes. The tiles were budget tiles and whilst they have due there job they are not exactly the best looking tiles and add to the fact that grout has started to crack.


Storage for any family is a problem but other than our small bathroom cabinet we have two shelves above the bath which house all my make up, Roo’s hair bands and excess toiletries. We need a bigger cabinet is order to store most of this but I need to re-organise where I store my make-up etc.

Plan of action
  • Book plumber via MyBuilder
  • Research tiles from B&Q
  • Order bathroom suite from Wickes
  • Research bathroom cabinets and accessories



Wish me luck!

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