Creating a multifunctional family area

October 15, 2020

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When we think of making over our family area within our stipulated space available, we are taking both activities and space into consideration. So, when these things come to our mind, then we would rather throw light upon the fact that both the factors – family space and space for activities would be built in the living room. In the advent of creating a multifunctional family area, the area is not so difficult, and it is easy rather.

Let’s say, for example, when we look around for a coffee table or a bookshelf, then later, we discover that a lot of interior hacks are preventing us from saving much of the space in the interior. At the same time, we could have created precious spaces inside our living room and also those precious spaces would have been used for other invaluable purposes and activities.

Rearranging furniture

The rearranging of furniture and the knocking of walls can maximise the available space to an extensive range. Thus physical form and another interior form can be increased to a very large extent, leading to the creation of a multifunctional family area.

Let’s take the example of a sofa. And that sofa is lying in a living room. At that point, we have to be judicious, and we have to think whether that particular sofa is traditional or modern. And if it is traditional, then the same has to be kept aside from the living area, and if it is modern, then the particular sofa has to be kept in the living room and has to be utilised so that the proper utilisation of the living space can be reaped.

The sofa needs to be preserved, and also, at the same time, it needs to be kept against the wall so as to reap the maximum benefits. In this place, the living space could be seen as large and spacious and maximum space benefit could be enjoyed, which is directly proportional to maximum space for a multifunctional family area.

creating a multifunctional family area with wall stickers

Wall stickers

Wall stickers are otherwise known as wall decals. It can also be called Wall Vinyl or Wall Tattoo. These stickers are affixed to the wall, generally for the purpose of information or decoration. These wall stickers are cut with vinyl machines. Some wall stickers are in a solid colour, and the other has some imprints on it. 

These wall stickers can vary in various sizes and shapes. Depending on the necessity, the stickers can be large or small. Some of the regular wall stickers are sized within 30 cm * 50 cm, and the others are 60 cm * 100 cm. There are also much larger wall stickers with size- 100 cm * 100 cm. Most of the wall stickers are not reusable, and only a few numbers are reusable.

These wall stickers are so articulated in such a way and a different brand of adhesive so that it can be repositioned a number of times in the wall, if in the first few trials, the same is not positioned properly. In olden times, these stickers were made up of PVC plastic. But nowadays, a new range of non-PVC plastics has come out, and those are known as ‘Fabristick.’ These are primarily made from a woven fabric, which is very finely woven. The adhesive of the 3M type is also applied on the back. These wall stickers are manufactured in such a way so that it does not tear, do not stretch nor it peels back to itself. 

multifunctional family area - vinyl rug

Vinyl rugs

Vinyl Rugs are best for use. These are primarily vinyl-backed mats, otherwise known as ‘Colorfast.’ You can also look for the back of the mats, backed with natural backings such as jute, cotton or normal weavings.

Breaking the barriers

When the barriers in space are ridden off, then it largely contributes to the overall freeing of space to a large extent, and thus the inflow of natural as well as artificial agents such as light will surpass the physical situation, and the designing would be so favourable for our daily activities made and also a large space area can be made free.

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